The Post Wall !
Write small words for the other participants and see if you have received any

The post wall ! Écrivez des petits mots pour les autres participants et regardez si vous en avez reçu !

You can find some goodies at the front desk !
tee-shirts, mugs, hat and tote-bag.
You can also find some stickers.

Première conférence à la mini-DebConf : @CyrilBrulebois est le release manager du @debian Installer et le fondateur de @debamax.
=> de migration de paquets de Debian unstable vers testing.

Plus de détails sur le programme :

Before taking off for mini-DebConf, download our booklet with a lot of useful information: You have also a printable/foldable version:

The mini-Debconf is tomorrow!
But today, it's sprint day for the l10n-fr team!

🧀&🍷: if you are here friday evening, we will try to have a mini-CheeseWineBOF. If it's not too late, bring your local Food&Drink stuff and record it to the wiki:

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