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Domain (business) logic is related to your type system usage. As a programmer, the less you use your type system, the more you have to keep the domain logic in your head. The domain logic in your head is like the global state: opaque, ever-changing and informal, i.e., something to minimise and avoid as much as possible. If there is a requirement to acquire a big global state before you delve into the code, you know the type system is used sparingly.

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check out the complete materials here:

#FDroid and all #android #apps we're shipping grant you fundamental freedom to: use, study, share and improve them. We want user to control their software, not the other way around. It's not just about #OpenSource it's about #UserFreedom.

Assembly language is like a submarine 

It's below C level

@zacchiro i can't find the original source any more, but i think somebody made this for me


As was pointed out in our previous post, the root cause of approximately 70% of security vulnerabilities that Microsoft fixes and assigns a CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) are due to memory safety issues.

Actually, the C in CVE stands for C.

signing up to a private messaging app with your phone number be like:

I'm excited to announce that this year I will be participating virtually (hey, it's the COVID-19 pandemic) at the Oregon Programming Languages Summer School! Here is a sweet welcome video by the lecturers:

This year's topic is Foundations of Programming and Security.

My browser homepage is about:blank.

My new tab page is also about:blank.

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A delicious blank void, full of potential.

As other misguidance when it comes to how long something will take you, VIM Tutor informed me it will me take me 20-30 minutes to go through the tutorial. To read a 970-line tutorial file alone without trying out to use Vim would take longer than that. The whole tutorial will likely take me a few hours in total instead.

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If you want to use the VIM Tutor to learn how to use VIM in GNU/Linux (Buster), you have to install both of these packages: vim-gui-common and vim-runtime. Having only vim-runtime installed will give you an empty buffer when you run 'vimtutor'.

Is it just Croatia or does it take 2-3 months in other countries too to get a workstation computer from local stores? I'm looking for something like an 8+ core CPU, 64 GB of RAM, two SSD discs with ~500 GB of space.

Perhaps it's going to be faster to order it online from abroad and have it shipped.

Blog: The Instagram ads Facebook won't show you -

Signal cleverly revealed what data on you owns and then Facebook blocked Signal's ad account.

I'm quite happy how a combination of `Control.Monad.when` and `Polysemy.Error.note` allowed me to flatten the heavily nested code layout:

Worth noting is that there is no cheating like using partial functions; every possibility of failure is communicated via error types.

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