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"I think that new emotions and new feelings are being created, that modern technology is beginning to reach into our dreams and change our whole way of looking at things and perceiving reality... that more and more modern technology is drawing us away from contemplating ourselves to contemplating its world."
-J. G. Ballard

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I don’t believe anymore good arguments can change something in people’s head. I don’t believe anymore in Rationality as a driving social force. We’re hardwired to hang to our misconceptions. See this Atlantic article for a starter. “Having social support, from an evolutionary standpoint, is far more important than knowing the truth.” Pascal Boyer

ah ah, En googlant les termes capitalism+climate+crisis on obtient à mi-page (tout de même) le résultat ci-bas. Nice try, capitalists!🏦 🤑 🤮

Covid "gravity" still climbing in Canada.
New script fetching the CBC data in memory, without creating a tmp file. Direct creation of ICU/Hospitalization stats in dataframe without going through as before. Lots of 'black magic' API incantations, impossible to figure without helpful forum communities...

Un soir de party du jour de l'an chez un ami il y a plusieurs années j'ai failli arracher la tête d'un convive lors d'une discussion où je tentais de lui communiquer l'urgence de notre situation (oui, j'ai peu de "social skills") Pourtant pas con et au fait des processus de découvertes scientifiques, il m'avait lancé: "T'es-tu sûr?" 🤬

Ce video lui est dédié.

Has there always been slavery? No: when we were hunter-gatherer (so, the larger part of our historical time as a specie on this planet ) we spent 10-20 hrs per week on those tasks... more leisure time and no slaves. Slavery and sedentarism is a recent invention. Nomads, were we tooless and structureless? No, Göbekli Tepe (an astronomical monolihic site) was built 10 000 BC. Materialism appeared with agriculture and sedentarism, when you can accumulate 'wealth' in situ.

We should film ourselves and send a warning message on a rocket to a near exoplanet for whoever will find it....Oh, and bury a time capsule here on earth for the next sentient specie who will evolve after our demise with a message "Don't fail as we did!" I'll email my project idea to the Long Now Foundation and Jeff Bezos...😐

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So, finally, on a global level and in the long time, we NEVER have been 'civilized'. We are horrified by evocations of Maya and Aztec human sacrifices, but we didn't fare better.... It's now called evangelism, market forces, "liberating" wars... Sad.


@aprilorg article "Brevets ou communs : invitation au débat" dans Options @CGTCadresTechs n°666 avril 2021. Extrait : "Les logiciels libres ont une caractéristique majeure : ils n'appartiennent à personne et profitent à tous. Ils se conçoivent, s'améliorent et se diffusent au gré des trouvailles de leurs utilisateurs et prospèrent sans autre contrainte que de continuer à être accessibles à tous."

Perception of purpose? (@10m57). Those words ruffle the feathers of my Buddhist leaning... Can't we got along all together peacefully, caring for each other, without the need of a purpose other than that? Well, at least they wrote "Perception", not "Realization of purpose"... 🙂

It is hardly too much to say that Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg have done more in 1 year to bring the climate crisis to public attention than all the universities of the world have done in 60 years—ever since we first really knew that global warming would occur.” via @PaulHBeckwith

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“[...]Thus, for the last 30 years universities have singularly failed to engage in public education about what our problems are, and what we need to do about them, so as to make progress toward a better world. Universities have not even remotely conceived of their task in such terms. And as a result, not surprisingly, humanity has shown few signs of learning how to cope better with the grave global problems that confront us. ...

Trudeau, c'est notre Macron à nous. Avec l'hubris de tout contrôler, cachée sous sa belle petite gueule de jeune premier. 😡

Le CRTC aura peut-être le mandat de contrôler les applications distribuées sur les intertubes, le mandat de contrôler le contenu de tout réseau social, commercial ou non.

Signal balance un incroyable scud aux polices du monde entier
Le fondateur de Signal vient de saboter, avec style, l'un des joujous high-tech favoris de la police.
On essaie de vous expliquer simplement

Will Chauvin verdict change ANYTHING in the way police departments report excessive usage of force? The words you just read above was the -stoic- description of execution that appeared (briefly!) on the police departement web site.

At least, Pelosi is thankful to George Floyd for his "sacrifice"!!!

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«Two officers arrived and located the suspect, a male believed to be in his 40s, in his car. He was ordered to step from his car. After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance where he died a short time later. No officers were injured in the incident.» Minn. Police Dep. Communication

Dissonance cognitive: je regarde un video sur comment construire un jujube photo-réaliste dans Blender avec son node-based particle system alors que j'ai plusieurs heures de cours à préparer sur l'imbalance énergétique de la planète et les catastrophes qu'amènent les changements climatiques abrupts...😕

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