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Authenticator helps you keep your authentication secure with a second factor and it's been freshly ported to GTK4 by @bilelmoussaoui . Grab it while it’s hot!

Rien de plus facile que de télécharger une vidéo, sur à peu près n'importe quel site, avec , le logiciel libre qui peut s'exécuter sur une très simple ligne de commande, sous :
𝘆𝗼𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗯𝗲-𝗱𝗹 suivi de l'URL de la page web où on voit la vidéo

How much do you spend on advertising? €0

What's your marketing budget? €0

You must use tons of sneaky website elements to trick people? No.

You can grow without being annoying and without supporting the adtech. 😀

Our growth just happens because people understand the need for privacy. You are amazing! 🥰

If you’re a developer in 2021 and you’re adding tracking devices from Google, Facebook, etc., to your sites and apps, the one thing you can’t do any longer is to feign innocence. You know exactly what you’re doing and you’re complicit in perpetuating surveillance capitalism.

Subscribing to a PeerTube account from Mastodon is really easy!

✅ You can follow a PeerTube account from Mastodon by searching for their username and clicking the follow icon. Here's how:

1️⃣ On PeerTube, go to the account's page and click on the clipboard icon next to the user's name.

2️⃣ On Mastodon, paste the username into the search box and press enter. In the search results, click the follow button next to the username you want to follow.

#MastoTips #FediTips #PeerTube #Mastodon #Fediverse

Nothing is better than coding late at night and listening to techno..

— Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à me connecter à mon espace client, j'ai cette erreur (…) qui m'indique que c'est de votre côté. Je n'utilise ni bloqueur de publicité/scripts, et j'ai essayé plusieurs navigateurs (…), tous à jour.
— Eh bien vous devriez! uMatrix, NoScript, et uBlock Origin, sous Firefox et vous êtes bon! Notre site fonctionne uniquement si vous bloquez pubs et scripts. L'espace client fonctionne si aucun script n'arrive à tourner. Enfin, n'utilisez qu'un navigateur!

Youtube nowadays makes you feel un-easy?

Switch to PeerTube!

PeerTube is a free as in freedom +decentralized video sharing and soon possibly even streaming platform.

The good people and developers Framasoft have a roadmap for version 3 of Peertube.

It includes all the things one needs, IN FREEDOM.

Say goodbye to Google (Goolag) oppression.

All about it here, please support if able ==>
#framasoft #peertube #stream #p2p #youtube #deletegoogle #libre @Framasoft

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