Tooting for the first time from a PinePhone, mobian, phosh and tootle! Haven't been so excited about a computer since.... my first thinkpad?

Full of glitches and quirks... but so exciting to have total agency over a mobile computer! That's how it should always be!!

I've posted this on #algopop:

AI autocompletes Windows 95 startup tune

Here’s what happens when the Windows 95 startup sound is fed to OpenAI Jukebox algorithms to generate its continuation. To train Jukebox on a number of music genres, OpenAI researc…
"Open Source FLOSS tools - alternatives to surveillance capitalist software for communicating"

New season identity for la Balsamine theater. 10 years of collaboration. Lucarne PeerTube. Pelican static site. Inkscape paths and Ume font forever. OSP.

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