users and entities activities can now be followed from the !

Some examples of followable actors:
- a user: @Georges
- an author: @wd-Q46248
- a serie: @inv-083c773e8b26776230e40657fdfadeb9
- a publisher: @wd-Q3213929
- a publisher collection: @inv-582c0644d0a9c06d4758deb86d49ff1e

This is the result of our first experiments with : let us know if you find it useful!

Learn more:

📚 Please follow the Gustav Landauer Library Witten on @inventaire:

Please follow the Gustav Landauer Library Witten also on @bookwyrm:

For audio recordings of talks on Funkwhale please follow:

#GLBibW #Witten #InventaireIO

@inventaire doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm on a Pleroma instance instead of Mastodon, though I don't see why that would matter.

Love the idea though. Have wanted something like this for a long time and didn't even realize it.
@inventaire With pleroma, the integration seems weird : when I clic on one of the @ user, I'm getting redirected to an api/json page

@inso @inventaire
same thing on Mastodon.
I must enter the full user/author/... address on the search bar ("@ wd-Q46248 @ inventaire . io") to actually find the corresponding account on my instance (

@ayla sure, could you give use some details on the issue you would like to open: what works, what doesn't? I only got those details: "not a single of those actors can be followed from #hubzilla."

@inventaire looks like I can click and view profiles of all your examples, and I can search for them from mastodon, except for users. Searching for @Georges results in a 500 error, but searching for @wd-Q46248 works correctly.

@roptat it seems to happen sometimes and sometimes not, and unfortunately we don't see the error in our logs, so that might be some problem in our implementation that Mastodon doesn't like 🤔

@roptat that bug should now have been fixed thank to the help of @nicksellen, see today's conversation in our matrix chat room!AOQAmuG

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