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At 14:00 CEST (in ~20mins) @maxlath @douginamug and @jums will have an open discussion around inventaire

You're welcome to join in and ask any questions about and more



I'm using @inventaire for keeping a list of my books for investigating about privacy and security! You can check it here :librarian_hushing:

At 15:00 CEST (i.e. 2 hours from now) I'll be chatting with @maxlath and @jums of @inventaire about #linkedOpenData 🌐

I'm pretty much a noob to this field, so I'll be asking more basic questions. But it's an open discussion, so you're welcome to join in and ask the questions that are relevant to you! 🗣️



#lod #wikidata #opendata #SPARQL #rdf #semanticWeb

#Inventaire is a free open site which lets you easily catalogue, borrow and lend physical books:

You can follow them on here:


It's useful for cataloguing collections, sharing books and keeping track of private libraries.

Inventaire's title database uses Wikidata to help find a book's details automatically.

#Inventaire #Alternatives #Books #Libraries #Wikidata

Ok j'ai voulu ENFIN tester Inventaire et c'est super simple 🤩 Compte crée et deux bouquins ajoutés en 2 minutes ! Merci @inventaire ! 📕📙

The Inventaire & OpenData week begins in just under 3 weeks! There is still space for a few more people...

Books, free software and #opendata are friends 📖 💻 🔓 is the platform which brings them together.

This event will be for working on the platform, introducing opendata and reading/discussing books 😉

Since it's being hosted at Kanthaus, you'll also get a taste of zero-waste, communal living (in picture) 🏠 ♻️

More info & sign-up:

@pschwede @inventaire Looks very interesting. Especially since it is built on top of #WikiData. I'm planning on indexing my library anyway. I just do not have enough shelves at the moment. Btw: I do not own KybernEthik. It was lent to me by Schlomo some time ago. #WikiDienstag #OpenData #Inventaire #Library #Bücher #Bibliothek

I'm not sure if I come to @inventaire & OpenData Week from the 18th to the 25th of July at Kanthaus (Germany). Will it be streamed?

@inventaire makes it easier to add and edit books on wikidata. Thank you 🙇🏻‍♂️


Same. The Fediverse seems to be a much better place for alternatives 👍

we now have more contacts on than on birdsite \o/

Attention lovers of books 📚 developers of software 💻 and enthusiasts of #opendata! 🔓

You are invited to the first Inventaire & OpenData Week from the 18th to the 25th of July at Kanthaus (Germany) 🎉 is the Free book platform made by and for book lovers. It uses and contributes to #Wikidata, building our data commons 🌐

No charge. You don't need to be a dev, just enthusiastic. See you there?

More info & sign-up:

Inventaire on fediverse: @inventaire

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