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lend those books to your friends before it's too late

Long overdue, but I finally updated my inventory of books. Still have a few more to go, but it's a start 🤓

@jakebeamish or anyone else in #readinggroup let me know if you're interested in an of them!


@inventaire could be used to create a fosstodon book club. There are a lot of thoughtful people here so it would be a really good one 🤔💭


They're not AP, but you might want to take a look at these more open alternatives to #GoodReads:

(There was some discussion on Inventaire about AP, they said it might be technically more challenging due to the large book database.)

Bon, j'ai scanné 225 bouquins grâce à @inventaire et j'ai pô fini, je dois facilement en avoir encore une centaine qui m'attendent 😱 Quelle idée de lire...

Y'a t'il des gens de mon cercle mastodon qui utilisent @inventaire ?

one is: @inventaire
it's developed as a booksharing plattform, but through wishes of having #goodread like functions too, they have or about to implement.
@maxlath the dev behind should be able to tell you more about.

then there is also

Some more #Alternatives to follow on #FollowFriday:

@lib_reviews Building an open alternative to Yelp

@pixelfed PixelFed: Ethical alternative to Instagram, launching very soon

@mhall119 GetTogether: Account of the lead developer on an alternative to

@openstreetmap OpenStreetMap: The open source mapping project, mirrored on the OSM English instance 🗺️

@inventaire Inventaire: An open source book exchange site, you make new friends and lend each other books 📚

#FF #FFed

@maxlath @eliasg

More people asked for Inventaire as well, so I've added it to the page.

It seems a good site anyway even without federation (and from the issue discussion federation could be technically difficult?).

you could add to the
"Alternatives to Amazon Books, Kindle and Goodreads" on your website

#inventaire is an open source book sharing platform :)

EN: we had issues displaying groups inventories those last days, it has now been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience

FR: quelques difficultés pour afficher les inventaires de groupes ces derniers jours, c'est maintenant réparé, désolé pour le dérangement

So I've set up an account; there's nothing on it yet, as I don't have access to my book collection rn, but feel free to add me!

@jakebeamish @maxlath @paulfree14 @emi

My book swap/lend offerings:, slowly getting updated

@ me if you would like to borrow something :)

cc: @emi @medusa @paulfree14 @maxlath

you might like the work of @maxlath who's build a plattform enabeling to make books you'd like to share with others easy discoverable.
As I remember you're also able to create groups with whom you then share your books.


inventaire server and client code stacks, generated by thx @Jumijums for finding that awesome tool!

de retour à #Lyon après le #wmhack à Barcelone, avec dans les bagages (un début de bronzage méditerranéen et) pleins de tickets ouverts pour faire passer @inventaire au niveau supérieur ! Comme disent les copains de chez @Framasoft la route est longue mais la voie est libre !

Arrived at #wmhack! Feel welcome to come talk to me about #inventaire, #WikidataJS tools, or the #OpenKnowledge-backed post-consumerism revolution in general ;)

Tu veux agir concrètement pour #Contributopia et @Framasoft ? On se retrouve à #Lyon, le 16 mai à 19h30 pour un troisième atelier de contribution ! Code, design, doc, tests ; il y en aura pour tous les niveaux et goûts 😀 Plus d'infos et inscription ici :