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@ducatdusk @MRensema @neil I recommend #inventaire to you all: An open source, actively developed book-sharing platform.

Quotes, reviews and comments are somewhere in the pipeline (is that right @maxlath ?) and you help contribute to open data if you record new info :)

Ich habe ein paar #bücher bei #inventaire eingestellt. Das ist eine website, über die bücher verliehen oder verschenkt werden können.

Hello , on est de retour au stand, à votre dispo pour :
- parler du projet, des fonctionnalités à venir, de la stack techniques, des choix d'architectures : ce qui vous botte :)
- vous aider à créer un compte / ajouter votre premier livre / trouvez des gens avec qui partager des livres / créer un groupe
- vous aider à faire votre première , quels que soient vos talents !

Happy ! We help you to share books with your friends, and publish the collaboratively built data as -centered -licensed data: join us!

going through @inventaire code with @jums we came to an agreement: we shouldn't be allowed to say "this is the heart of the application" more than once a day. Harder than it seems ^^

#welcome to mastodon then :)
Have you already heard about @inventaire ?

It's an #opensource plattform that let you share books with others.
The interesting part for you propably is that the data of the books is in direct exchange with wikidata.
By that, if one adjusts or add a book description on inventaire, it's made available for all.

I posted a couple books to my @inventaire profile, and it worked quite well. :) I'll post more for lending over the next few days and let my community know about it to get a local book exchange going.

I'd like to start exchanges among the #economics, #philosophy, and #datascience clubs at school, too.

@paulfree14 @inventaire Oh that looks really neat. I catalogued my books when I moved house a year ago and had exactly 888. I don't need to read them all at the same time, so would be good to lend some of them out. Will investigate!

@jojo have you heard about @inventaire yet?
The idea is to make it visable which books ppl have available to then share it with others.

@X_Cli Yep, tu fous les bouquins que tu peux prêter/donner/vendre, et pareil dans l'autre sens! :) Et le site a même un compte : @inventaire :)

Je vous en ai déjà parlé, mais ce coup-ci il est fini !
Le Voyage de Simon Morley, de : de la soft, avec du dans le et des souvenirs... Ambiance sympa pour qui aime le du 19e siècle 😃

Retrouvez-le sur @inventaire

8/31: Ettore Bugatti - industriel et inventeur italien naturalisé français. C'est un des fondateurs de l'industrie automobile de luxe et de compétition avec les automobiles Bugatti en Alsace.

#NowReading "Uberize Me: l’économie collaborative, entre promesse et mensonge", by Christophe Charlot. I guess it is an interesting #book for anyone who is curious but doesn’t know a lot, if anything about the "#sharingeconomy". Myself I am not learning a lot, but I think it was a good idea to buy it for the library anyway. I mean, as a #public #library, we are also supposed to provide #books for our users to understand the world we live in, and not only for #leisure #reading.

Hello! is a social network to do the inventory of yours books, and share them with your friends and communities! It is developed by @maxlath and @jums and with the help of many contributors! Since last week, our authors pages link to ! (ex: ) projects should support each others, right? :)