Create a culture of respect for data. Nice opinion paper about in .
📄Gelman, A. 2018. Ethics in statistical practice and communication: Five recommendations. Significance 15:40-43

: I had the opportunity to work as recommender for , the new initiative for free and fully transparent in . I greatly appreciated the experience. is on the verge of a new era.
📄 Dechaume-Moncharmont (2018) Optimal foraging in a changing world: old questions, new perspectives. Peer Community in Ecology, 100005.

, making a reality in ? Major European funding organisations have agreed that researches publicly funded will be OpenAccess by 2020. I certainly cannot agree more, provided that we receive appropriate financial support to cover the inevitable additional costs.

Great news: my favourite tool for planning sessions breaks free from . Instead of Googlemap, it is now using data. Even if some functions (searching box, elevation, etc.) are still missing, I congratulate the author for this brave move.

Beautiful illustration of in spatially structured small population to go with the original study in and bacterial colonies.

on research: methodological principles for a transparent . Registration is now open. This course is mostly bilingual French/English: the videos are in French fully subtitled in English.

Heart rate increases when crossing the : Road traffic safety in also.
📄 Ditmer et al (2018) American black bears perceive the risks of crossing roads. Behavioral Ecology 29:667-675

While I am still a great fan of Kahneman's best seller "Thinking, fast and slow" (2011), here are refreshing views about the pervasive presentation of making processes based on two orthogonal systems: type I (fast, unconscious, automatic, error prone) vs. type II (slow, conscious, costly, reliable).
📄 Melnikoff & Bargh (2018) The mythical number two. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 22:280-293

Darwinian medicine and new views on or : genes formerly linked to higher fitness now predispose to non-communicable diseases.

📄 Corbet et al. (2018). The transition to modernity and chronic disease: mismatch and natural selection. Nature Reviews Genetics

bias in (again): while they represented 42% of the attendance, women only asked 31% of the questions.
📄 Käfer et al. (2018) Progress and prospects in gender visibility at SMBE annual meetings. Genome Biology and Evolution 10:901-908.

Don't lecture me! Towards better didactic practices in the . Institutions should revise their promotion and merit-recognition policies to incentivize and reward implementation of evidence-based instructional practices.
Stains et al. (2018) Anatomy of STEM teaching in North American universities. Science 359:1468-1470

Very impressive game of Chinese whispers in bats.
Patriquin et al. (2018). Bats without borders: predators learn novel prey cues from other predatory species. Science Advances 4:eaaq0579

Nice article of theoretical ecology by the MAD group: the state of the internal reserve is an excellent proxy for foraging decision in fluctuating environment. All the mathematical details are hidden in the supplementary materials. rspb.royalsocietypublishing.or

Animals detect threats: generalization of the concept of ecology of by also taking into account the parasites.
Weinstein et al. (2018). A landscape of disgust. Science 359:1213-1214

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