Wow. Dr. Ross Pipe has released a free PDF of his book, Animal Earth.

"Animal Earth is an impartial celebration and exploration of animal diversity, drawing on the latest research into how the animal lineages are related, how they live and their origins. It’s 320 pages long and is illustrated throughout with 540 spectacular colour photos, SEMs and illustrations"

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Adaptive function of tusk: hyperallometric scaling suggests that tusk length is an exaggerated trait under sexual selection.
📄 Graham et al. (2020) The longer the better: evidence that narwhal tusks are sexually selected. Biology Letters 16:20190950

Interesting side effect of determination by sex . Because their sex chromosomes differ, male humans (XY) or female bids (ZW) may be more exposed to recessive deleterious , as suggested by a broad meta-analysis.
📄 Xirocostas et al. (2020) The sex with the reduced sex chromosome dies earlier: a comparison across the tree of life. Biology Letters 16:20190867

The plural of is not data : my comment about the PNAS paper reporting tool use in that have been observed using stick for preening.
📄 Dechaume-Moncharmont F-X (2020) PCI Ecology:100042

Sometimes the most beautiful colors are not to be seen : counter-intuitive case of is iridescent .
📄 Kjernsmo et al. (2020) Iridescence as camouflage. Current Biology

The CNRS has just released a pretty cool video (in French) about our work on in . Many thanks to them!

scientists put 3D glasses on cuttlefish to test how they perceive depth:

one of many cool research projects presented at the recent SICB (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, formerly American Society of Zoologists) conference 🐘

Males sacrifice their legs to pacify aggressive females in a sexually cannibalistic .
📄 Neumann R, Schneider JM (2020) Animal Behaviour 159:59–67

Even solitary can rely on information to learn new foraging routes.
📄 Vila Pouca et al (2020) Social learning in solitary juvenile sharks. Animal Behaviour 159:21–27

Is the of driven by neurobiological or cultural constraints? An analysis based on the comparison of 2474 languages reveals that emotion words vary in meaning across languages, but some general trends are conserved between geographically distant cultures.
📄 Jackson et al. (2019) Emotion semantics show both cultural variation and universal structure. Science 366:1517–1522

Property transfers in chain in hermit : real estate crisis, resource , , distribution and coefficient.
📄 Chase (2020) Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 538:122962

are able to solve complex problems of balance at the colony level. A new paper from the amazing DrDrey's lab.
📄 Csata et al (2020) Current Biology

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