Make no mistake about it : if the were to disappear, we would be doomed !
📄 Sánchez-Bayo & Wyckhuys (2019) Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers. Biological Conservation 232:8-27

Bad news for lovers: wild coffee species are now endangered. Time to built up stockpiles of beans.
📄 Davis et al. 2019. High extinction risk for wild coffee species and implications for coffee sector sustainability. Science Advances 5:eaav3473

Birds prefer parent lookalikes as mates: sexual in wild populations by the legendary evolutionary biologists Rosemary and Peter Grant.
📄 Grant & Grant (2018) Role of sexual imprinting in assortative mating and premating isolation in darwin's finches. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115:E10879-E10887

Chloé Laubu will publicly defend her thesis about " and in a monogamous fish" on Wednesday 19th December 2018, in the university of Burgundy, Dijon, France

without ? Public research seminar by Audrey Dussutour about "Habituation in non neural organisms, evidence from slime molds", Tuesday 18th december, university of Burgundy, Dijon, France.

Need to extract from published plots to perform your own calculation? Here is a new versatile package to do it smoothly -analysis
📄 Pick et al. (2018). Reproducible, flexible and high-throughput data extraction from primary literature: The metaDigitise r package. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Peep show experiments investigating cultural transmission in fly. Almost seven years of hard work and a beautiful paper by Etienne Danchin and Guillaume Isabel from Toulouse.
📄 comment:

Create a culture of respect for data. Nice opinion paper about in .
📄Gelman, A. 2018. Ethics in statistical practice and communication: Five recommendations. Significance 15:40-43

: I had the opportunity to work as recommender for , the new initiative for free and fully transparent in . I greatly appreciated the experience. is on the verge of a new era.
📄 Dechaume-Moncharmont (2018) Optimal foraging in a changing world: old questions, new perspectives. Peer Community in Ecology, 100005.

, making a reality in ? Major European funding organisations have agreed that researches publicly funded will be OpenAccess by 2020. I certainly cannot agree more, provided that we receive appropriate financial support to cover the inevitable additional costs.

Great news: my favourite tool for planning sessions breaks free from . Instead of Googlemap, it is now using data. Even if some functions (searching box, elevation, etc.) are still missing, I congratulate the author for this brave move.

on research: methodological principles for a transparent . Registration is now open. This course is mostly bilingual French/English: the videos are in French fully subtitled in English.

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