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Sandra Siby on encrypted #DNS : doing traffic analysis (spoiler: this attack is quite efficient)

In a closed-world (only known Web sites), 90 % precision, in an open-world, still 70 %. This is bad?


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« We built 3 open source tools to enable data-driven decision-making in Support » about.gitlab.com/2019/07/24/th Our self-managed customers often encounter issues related to performance, or the time it takes to ex…

7.4 is finally out!
This is a major version that adds "Preinstalled Software" detection - Read more about why here: blog.malwarebytes.com/malwareb

The complete release announcement and the download link are here: forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/

Please share your feedbacks!

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"The aguri tree is an implementation of the Patricia trie"

How to represent many (really many) IPv6 addresses in a data structure. (One of the applications is "anonymization" of IP addresses.)

"The team was just me so we agreed on everything"


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#DNS transparency dnstransparency.org/ a project to store historical DNS data. (Pushed from registries.) #IETF105

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We are happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 3.6 \o/ ! 🎉

It comes with:
- a new unified application list, with more than 100(!) well-packaged apps
- UX improvements in the self-upgrade mechanism, and various stuff for the CLI (autocompletion, manpage, ... 👌)
- progress on some features which are still experimental (app actions and config panel)
- updated translations !
- annnd manymany fixes / enh :blobcatcoffee:

Check out the release note for all the details 😘


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Firefox aura bientôt comme alternative une offre premium qui proposera des services supplémentaires payants. Rassurez-vous, Firefox restera gratuit
cf : presse-citron.net/pourquoi-fir

Sinon concernant Ubuntu 19.10, la sortie est prévue pour le 17 Octobre. Vous aurez Gnome 3.34 (rappel : 3.32 en 19.04 et 3.28 en 18.04LTS), le kernel par défaut devrai être le 5.3 normalement et possibilité de formater en Zfs à l'installation.

Puisque sci-hub.tw paraît bloqué dans les réseaux d'hôpitaux français, rendant le travail des chercheurs difficile et les forçant à utiliser d'autres moyens/ne pas pouvoir consulter des documents scientifiques, mon miroir non bloqué à disposition: sh.fr33tux.org

Since sci-hub.tw is blocked in French hospital's networks, making researchers work difficult by using other means to access those scientific papers/not being able to read them at all, my unblocked mirror available: sh.fr33tux.org

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With Google planning to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users, there's never been a better time to switch to Firefox.


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We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users. blog.torproject.org/new-releas

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