This is why doesn't have any : They cut down the biggest trees. These firs look to be 80-120 years old. Seen near Appledorn

Pretty sweet miniature i saw in today. I would have loved this as a kid. I could have started my dumpster obsession early

So I think I an say I've concluded my of . My last trip was from to where I will be spending the fall and winter. The ride is so nice from theses two cities. s that go through and most of them were not shared With cars. I'll prolly be doing that ride often as im gonna go back to the community. Here are some mushrooms I saw on the way

built out of wood seen I'm . Even the seat is wood. Some people like hard seats...

I hope to meet the rider of this it makes mine look like a kids photo was taken near the train station in where I've basically ended my of

Im in the northeast of at a community called . They are , their own veggies, recycle their and use for dishes and showers. It's on an old military installation.

I went to the which is the in . Its in a park and run out of a container while they look for a bigger space. Their old place was condemned after a fire in the building next door. I taught a person how to arc weld so he can make a bike rack.

I taught this person how to mount and ride a at the open bike workshop in .

The in front of the , a in . I've been checking out some cool bike workshops on my . Today I will check one out in .

I don't have a debit or credit card for this . When I need I use a . I send the atm , it gives me cash. Its that easy. No signups, ID scans nor verifications. I don't like 2 promote companies, but I like this one because of its vast network in and and the lowest fees.
I prefer to use a run who's not controlled by the nor .

I found head on my way to on my . it kinda looks like a monument to him, a place to worship r2d2 the

Le parking à devant la gare de je ne sais même pas si y a même autant de vélos qui existent à :P

I took this photo after spending the last 2-3 hours having a super bad time. I was going down a long rocky road. One where I said I would never like to go up it. I was vibrating so much that one of my bags fell off. Inside: stove (I cook every night!) all my tools, spare parts and my hygiene gear. Had to climb that hill and back track 5 km before I found it There is always one of those moments where things go wrong. But I cooked a nice dinner that night.

The and ? Cool in hommage to a cycling team from . I prefer these types of monuments to ones glorifying battles or some old capitalist dude who some area (that is to say destroyed all the nature and kicked out any local inhabitants).

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