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Sxmo 1.7.0 was just released, featuring most of all lots of fixes and small improvements that should make daily usage easier. Thanks to the many contributors!

Release & upgrade notes: lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-announce

#sxmo #pinephone

Here is a little project I've been working on lately using . It's a little display for kitchen. Atm it can remote control vlc, but I'm planning to add lights control and a gemini client ... source can be found at git.sr.ht/~fdlamotte/homedispl.

I've received the for my kid today ... It just felt like 25yrs of darkness are coming to an end. This is true personal computing just where the Falcon, A1200 and RiscPC had left us. It is not only about HW and SW. There is also a book, which will be a good starting point for any teenager ! Good job !

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