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Donc, dès que le gouv. annonce son intention d'utiliser les données de géolocalisation des mobiles pour surveiller l'infection... nous lançons des campagnes massives pour *laisser le téléphone à la maison*, hein?

Combattre la surveillance et l'imbécilité coupable par un geste politique, sanitaire (mobiles sont pleins de saloperies, touchés avant de laver les mains), et de soin (meilleur état mental sans le harcèlement constant..)

How I structure my apps (in Rust and other languages) — Dawid Ciężarkiewicz aka `dpc`

The flexibility and adaptability of Plasma 5.18 are center stage in KonqiDragon's promotional video, finalist in the #Plasma2020 Video Competition.

A friend -new to Super Mario!- just made me realize that Mario:

- kills all life where he goes
- destroys parts of the land around
- collects all natural resources (gold) to extend his life
- pretexts that the indigenous would have kidnapped his artistocratic friend, but she is never to be found..
- claims that the land/world is his (by puting his name on it: "Super Mario Land"!)

Does it remind you of someone(s)?

What would YOU do if you were in the place of the indigenous?

How and why to properly write copyright statements in your code - … and probably more than what you ever wanted to know about them · Hook’s Humble Homepage

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