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We are proud to announce the birth of the Free Silicon Foundation (!

We organize a conference in Paris, March 14-16 2019, to promote:

1. Free and Open Source (FOS) CAD tools for designing #VLSI circuits
2. the sharing of hardware designs
3. common standards
4. the freedom of users in the context of #silicon technology

Program and submissions:

#Hardware #FSiC

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This is a statue located in Berlin, entitled "Politicians Discussing Global Warming."

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#introduction time!

I’m a German girl living in a #selfsustainable #multicultural community in Argentina called EcoSur.
I’m #vegan, have a lot of animals and nature around me & I spend my time with farm work like planting trees, #animals, food, my #guitar and #art.
(My posts will probably be a mixture of that)

I hope to find interesting connections with people here so let’s inspire each other :)

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You should listen to this, now!
Fixions - Flashback (from Project Paula album)

Testing a "new" laptop with FreeDOS and Micro Machines. Pentium 120MHz, 26MB RAM

I usually don't post about apple products, but these transparent prototypes are so damn cool...

3d printed Tux is ready for Xmas 😀

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OMG!!!Iam running blender from a smartphone!! My brain is melting! #LinuxOnDeX on my @SamsungInternet live stream.

Time to get rid of the Android tracking device. From now I'll be carrying Ubuntu in my pocket.
Thanks @Ubports

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All too often, thanks to the DMCA’s takedown-first-and-ask-questions-later procedure, DMCA abuse like this simply never goes to court.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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Today Is Q&A Day !

Less than one hour until Ubuntu Touch Q&A 41.
Join us for the live streaming on :


#UBports #UbuntuTouch #UBportsQandA #Ubuntu #Unity8 #OTA6

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