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What graphics free software you use the most? Please help me share.

#freesoftware #opensource

@drgeo I like Pharo’s features but exploring how some things are implemented involves so many levels of indirection and abstraction… so Cuis is refreshing! I hope something can be done about the font size and window colours, though. 😅

For Follow Friday I wanted to share a few great users, some of whom have newer accounts moved from other instances so they could really use some followers.






and some oldies but always been a good follow:


#FF #FollowFriday

I started this thread with Pharo, a Squeak fork, but there is another fork, Cuis. Its functionality is quite pared-down from Squeak, with quite fewer classes. The layout of the system browser, debugger and so on is similar to their early Morphic versions in Squeak.

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Multi-modal sub-toolbars.
The gray toolbar is the main one, the green ones are the sub-toolbars, and several can be open simultaneously. 's Morph simple design is human understandable and it helps concentrating on the design task. Great tool.

@drgeo translations in European languages need some love. Translation is done on-line with Canonical's launchpad.
Please review it at
@fsfe @fsf

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