Arioch, The Knight of the Swords, god of Chaos, patron of Elric, and the 8-pointed Symbol of Chaos (Jeff Dee, Melnibonéan mythos from the AD&D Deities & Demigods 1st printing, TSR, 1980)

“During the actual process of flying spacecraft, or flying the Spirit of St. Louis, one doesn’t think of one’s self as being a hero or historical figure. One does it because the challenge is there, and one feels reasonably qualified to accomplish it. .’”

Leaks reveal how the "Pitbull of PR" helped Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers ignite the opioid crisis

A Canadian podcast reveals everything wrong with the Trump administration's migrant baby adoption policy

RT I'd been wanting one of these for many years and just recently got a decent one for a good price. They're sacred historical objects to me.



RELEASE: Sherwood – Copies of the servers of Cayman National Bank and Trust (CNBT), which has allegedly been used for money laundering by Russian oligarchs and others.

Includes a HackBack readme explaining Phineas Fisher's hack and exfiltration of funds.


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