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Knox created: The ‘Electra’ Hat, inspired by the Lockheed Electra, as flown by American Airlines. 1958

Ringwraith concept art by Mike Ploog for Ralph Bakshi’s The Lord of the Rings film, 1977.

Tim O'Reilly's WTF? A book that tells us how to keep the technology baby and throw out the Big Tech bathwater

507 words on Masque of the Red Death (13638 total), a short story

Hamster Princess: charming, funny, subversive middle-grades illustrated fantasy about a totally ass-kicking hamster princess

If you freeze your credit, Experian will let crooks unfreeze it by ticking a box

Republicans who support tuition-free state college outnumber opponents

Apple makes it harder to track you online, ad industry has an aneurysm

Spain's right-wing government orders brutal police crackdown on Catalan independence referendum

South Dakota state rep fired from job after posting "All Lives Splatter" meme

DragonCon cosplayers who dressed up as Marriott carpet get a cease-and-desist for their fabric offering

290 words on Crypto Wars (159418 total), a Little Brother novel for adults