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"In this day and age, optimism is a revolutionary act" ファミマ子ども食堂への3つの懸念と意見(藤田孝典) - 個人 - Yahoo!ニュース

I wonder if I should attend FOSDEM this year.

On the pros, there are a lot of interesting people I'd like to meet and discuss with.

On the cons, It's sponsored by awful companies like Google or Amazon, and I'd have to organize everything in a rush, which will be rather expensive :s

C'est rigolo j'ai à peu près autant de followers sur Mastodon que mon bot: @bill_murray_bot

Concluez-en ce que vous voulez

Two articles about why using software from may not be a good idea:


"Unlike most companies in the tech space, paying engineers is one of Google's smallest expenses. Financially it makes sense for them to waste programmers' time in order to shave off a few bytes"


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