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"In this day and age, optimism is a revolutionary act"

Just watched this nice talk:



"[this is important] mostly because it will make you better programmers, but also because it will stop you from making angry hacker news comments."


I like systemd Show more

Bref, j'ai lancé youtube-dl avec l'option --yes-playlist

Ceux qui savent, savent.

Illustrating a tutorial with screenshots, that was a good idea. Keeping in the search box of the browser the previous search ("pornhub survey") was less good.

1/ I was able to create a twitter-to-mastodon bot in just of few hours.

2/ I found a lot of the people I was following on twitter here thanks to the mastodon bridge: bridge.joinmastodon.org/

3/ I discovered the "Mamot on the air" project: pouet.audio

All of this in the first months after my account creation on mamot.fr

Nice :)

I have an irrational fear of speedbumps… but, I’m slowly getting over it.

Apple nous vend du rêve.
Hier soir, après l'apero, j'ai pris l'iPhone X du beau-frère. Je l'ai mis en mode avion et je l'ai jeté du balcon.
Et bien vous savez quoi ?
Il est tombé a pic, et s'est brisé sur le trottoir. Il a été incapable de faire un atterrissage potable comme n'importe quel Airbus.
Le mode avion d'Apple c'est de la daube.

"In this day and age, optimism is a revolutionary act"