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"In this way RETGUARD is an improved stack protector, since the cookies are per-function."

"In the kernel, this has the effect of removing approximately 50% of total #ROP gadgets, and 15% of unique ROP gadgets compared to the 6.3 release kernel." #OpenBSD


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Je fais du spip. JE FAIS DU SPIP.

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Great article about the “OpenBSD Kernel Internals — Creation of process from user-space to kernel space.”
This actually reminds me, that we did a similar rundown with the genode operating system framework and fiasco.oc several month ago.
Maybe this is generally a good idea to get a better understanding of the system and to get started with operating system development.

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Nice read. Maxime Villard writes about his journey on finding network bugs and vulnerabilities in #NetBSD, #OpenBSD and #FreeBSD


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Someone claims to have found a bunch of vulnerabilities on AMD Ryzen/EPYC CPUs and chipsets. They have bug names and a whitepaper and a pretty web page (though not a single CVE, up to now).



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🇫🇷 La fonctionnalité la plus demandée est enfin en ligne ! Vous pouvez désormais analyser les applications de votre choix !

🇺🇸 The most wanted feature has been released! Now, you can submit application analysis by yourself!

➡️ reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/


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Hey Masto, j'ai besoin d'un avis technique. On étudie la sensibilité des cadres à la sécurité de leur environnement numérique, et on comprends pas trop pourquoi le domicile est à ce point considéré comme non-sûr. Des avis ?
Repouets appréciés 🤗

Maybe @TheForeignAgent @devnull @aeris @thomas ?

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Coucou mastodon, qu'est-ce que tu utilises pour synchroniser ton tes tweets et tes toots ?

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[FR] Dingue ce mouvement à Berlin pour contrer l'implantation d'un "Google campus"!

Une myriade de groupes, non-groupes et gens divers & de tous horizons pour une alliance allant du coin de la rue aux enjeux globaux!

Matez l'wiki: wiki.fuckoffgoogle.de/ <3

La liste d'évènements passés(!!) et futurs

Rejoignez-nous, sur le terrain et online!

mamot.fr/media/u7dfnCpP9Sj9We0 mamot.fr/media/59miGsj2z6R0txz mamot.fr/media/HaTfhV9u-IZAT9v mamot.fr/media/IiquUY568-g6ql1

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🇨🇵 Exodus à ajouté 50 nouveaux pisteurs à sa base de données. Allez voir les nouveaux rapports.

🇺🇲 Exodus added 50 new trackers in his database. Check the new reports.


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Dear #Mastodon #Fediverse, anyody has a Linux box in Belarus? We are informed that a certain website is being blocked there and we want to investigate how.

Please boost, we need your help.

Much appreciated.

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Transparent proxy with on :

On torrc:
VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 [FC00::]/7
TransPort [::1]:9040
DNSPort [::1]:1053
TransProxyType pf-divert
ClientUseIPv6 1

On pf.conf:
pass in on $int_if proto tcp from any to any divert-to ::1 port 9040 keep state (if-bound)
pass in on $int_if proto udp from any to any port 53 rdr-to ::1 port 1053 keep state (if-bound)

On client: add IPv6 gateway (link-local) to mygate(5)

$ curl v6.ifconfig.co/ip

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