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Hey all ! With a party coming soon, celebrating the one year release of our album REISUB we're going to release a lot of stuff. Starting with a new music video, generative,

Our network of 3d virtual environnements has just expanded by quite a lot. Do you want to explore and find hidden 3d worlds ? Choose a starting point from and explore our ever elvoving universe. Glitches, VR arenas, video tracks and much more, get lost in there. A map is available here but not everything is shown ;)
Explore !

Our algorave session is now on yt among other great live coding performances, check out this cutie here

Thx @eulerroom for the 10 years event ! Happy Birthdays, congrats to all participants !

Ready for the 10th algorave birthday streaming.
See you on Sunday from 9.00 to 9.10 UTC+1 for a short battle hard BPM against the server.

Hello ! Ce soir 18h GTM+1 streaming live coding + live synth +3d hub world
>>> in our 3d mozilla
>> info
@afalfl @noisk8 @CrashServer2


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