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Are YOU with us? Sign now!

40 orgas across Europe. We call on the EU to ban biometric mass surveillance.

For a future in which we are treated like humans, not walking barcodes, in which we are respected and not humiliated, discriminated against or treated like crime suspects, in which our options are not limited by an algorithm based on our body and looks.

Now's the time to act!
The tech is out there, but the EU is drafting new laws on AI.


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Le Conseil constitutionnel est en train d'examiner la loi Avia

Pour l'y aider, @LaQuadrature et @franciliens lui envoient leur "contribution extérieure"

Notre principale critique est sur le nouveau délai de 1h pour la censure anti-terro

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L'Assemblée nationale et le Sénat voteront demain sur l'application.

Ils doivent la rejeter.

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