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Charles Flèche

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Les nouveautés dans #LibraZiK 2 pour cette semaine n°14 de 2018, bonnes musiques à vous toutes et tous !

#linuxmao #carla #guitarix #vkeybd #liberapay #musicalartifacts #sonicpi #hydrogen #lpd8editor #dragonflyreverb #wolfshaper #debian

@BrunoBellamy Merci pour vos dessins: ma mère tenait une presse quand j'étais ados, je vous suis depuis Casus Belli.

I'm surprised there is so little content on , apart from the odd . Are you people so tame or is the good stuff somehow filtered ?

Friends, I'm a French software developer looking for / / in , starting from late January to mid-April (potentially extending my stay until this summer). Would you mind to contact me if you knew anyone that could rent me one ? Thanks !

"The look on you is killing me
Drowning in shame but don't feel bad
Cause I never feared consequences
Hate regrets more than apologies"

I'll see you all at Oki Dogs 🤘