Freshly finished piece of commissioned by a friend for his entrance hall. by in


The just launched a public #EUFOSSA #BugBounty program for on
Pays up to €5,000. Check it out! 👇


Facebook are going to monetize encrypted messaging by consolidating metadata analysis of 3 key platforms (Messenger, #Whatsapp & Instagram). They will make money by tracking your relationships and social groups. They will make that information easily accessible to law enforcement.

They will build the largest #surveillance system ever conceived and will sell it under the banner of consumer encryption.



With thanks to hrj ( for the original that it's based on, here's a quick feature chart that compares various WhatsApp alternatives:


PeerTube v3 : ça part en live

🎉🎉🎉 La v3 de PeerTube sort aujourd'hui !!! 🎉🎉🎉

Sur le blog :
➡️ Les étapes du développement
➡️ Le live en pair à pair
➡️ Un reportage sur les coulisses
➡️ Ce qu'on imagine de l'avenir !

Illus CC-By @davidrevoy

Just wrote my first “2021” and got it right on my first try.

De la sécurité de vos données et de celles de vos clients.


Zoom a donc cédé à la pression chinoise en fournissant des données pour conserver son accès au marché

Résumons :
- les USA peuvent pomper vos données via une loi : le CLOUD act
- la Chine peut sucer vos données, sans loi

#opensource #selfhosting



Zoom fournit des données non-chinoises à la Chine remercie Zoom pour faciliter l'impossibilité de faire confiance aux éditeurs états-uniens souligne le comparatif fonctionnel des outils de visioconférences opensource



Je découvre aujourd'hui que l'on peut contribuer simplement à #OpenStreetMap depuis Gnome #Maps.
- On rentre son identifiant #OSM
- On sélectionne "Qu'y a-t-il ici ?"
- Crayon et la suite en images...



More Xmas presents from KDE: Say hello to NeoChat, the new instant messaging app for the Matrix network. Find out how it works on mobile and desktops, learn about its cool features and how you can contribute to its success in the launch announcement.



Exciting news STOP Get a fully-hosted bridge from EMS for users STOP Telegram interoperable with Element and STOP Walled gardens must STOP 📱


Just a hint for all people currently celebrating that google was or is down:

You don't do any good to the alternatives by being like that. Google has a remarkable uptime statistics. Especially compared to most alternatives.

There are good reasons to switch away from Google, but uptime isn't it. Same goes for Amazon by the way.

The always looks gorgeous, but chapter 13 is in a league on its own. Amazing work by the director of , this episode definitely falls into the “every frame a picture” category.

RayCon, as in "Marketing Con".

Thank goodness there's people who will make an non-sponsored, honest video about overhyped products to see if they are really worth it.

Spoilers: they aren't.
He even found a cheaper, better product!


Small is Beautiful – It’s elementary, dear Watson

First episode of a weekly live stream that Laura and I are trying out.

With special guest Daniel Foré, founder of elementary OS (@elementary)

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2020

Time: 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM New York (UTC -5) / 9AM San Francisco (UTC -8)


(Have your webcams and headphones ready if you want the chance to ask questions / join the conversation live. We’ll give out instructions during the show.)

If like me you were happily using between your laptop and desktop until your distro switched to , you may be interested in backing the for
They already made it to 50% of the first goal!

@bilelmoussaoui has been doing incredible, awesome work not only on gtk-rs but for GNOME in general. We owe him several cool applications, and at least in part the ability to write GTK applications in Rust.

If you can support him, even by just buying him a coffe, please do!

Thanks for all the invisible work behind the scenes Bilal

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