u know when someone mentions two things and someone else says "oh you can't compare them, because <proceeds to compare the two things, describing how they are similar and different>"

Don’t worry by the way, I didn’t sustain too much damage. Scraped elbow. Knee and shoulder a tiny bit as well. Shoulder hurts but I can move without an issue. Bit of a headache. That’s it.

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Had a bicycle accident this morning. Was on my way to meet someone at the hospital. How ironic is that?

"Personne n’avait encore accepté réellement la maladie. La plupart étaient surtout sensibles à ce qui dérangeait leurs habitudes ou atteignait leurs intérêts. Ils en étaient agacés ou irrités et ce ne sont pas là des sentiments qu’on puisse opposer à la peste. Leur première réaction, par exemple, fut d’incriminer l’administration."

Albert Camus
La peste

This video is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while.
⚠️ there are some gory parts.


Absolute pleasure to have @gematik1@twitter.com in the guest seat for the latest Matrix Live! Watch to learn more about gematik's plans for their TI-Messenger project, and how they plan to improve healthcare communications in Germany! youtube.com/watch?v=fcJeOXldBl

This was a real scummy thing for Nintendo to do (even though they have done worse in the past). Nintendo Switch users need to read this.

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🇩🇪 bar association: Our attorney software #beA has #e2ee!

Researchers: No, your servers can read stuff.

🇩🇪: OK, but our encryption is good enough. We don't need e2ee.

🇺🇸 law firm #ReidelLaw: Hold my beer: reidellawfirm.com/wp-content/u CC @matrixdotorg@twitter.com @element_hq@twitter.com

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Dix doutes légitimes sur la vaccination, zéro bonne raison de ne pas y aller


> 1) «J’attends de voir»
> Tous les experts sont pourtant formels: si effet secondaires il y a, alors il se manifeste au plus tard dans les trois à quatre mois après l’injection. Ce recul est maintenant largement dépassé, et on ne va plus apprendre grand-chose sur la sécurité des vaccins à ARNm chez les adultes

Oh hello... native matrix: URI support in @firefox@twitter.com 90!!!

Also since Mastodon gGmbH is a real legal entity now and I am its CEO I am actually the CEO of Mastodon now. Sorry for ruining the jokes.

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i love when i tell software to cancel what it's doing and it just greys out the cancel button and continues to use 80% CPU

#Blender’s new asset browser basically turns it into a video game, it’s pretty much The Sims at this point. Drag and drop and done – this will make things a lot easier for 2D artists who use it as a base for paintovers. Mind-blowing. 🤯


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I have released Sailtrix, a @matrixdotorg@twitter.com client supporting end-to-end encryption for @JollaHQ@twitter.com #SailfishOS. Please see openrepos.net/content/hengyede for more information. #Sailfish #LinuxPhones

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IMPORTANT: We're seeing a large scale attempt to bulk-register bot accounts across the public Matrix network (including captcha bypass) in order to perform spam flood attacks. If you're running a public homeserver please disable open registration, or require email for signups.

Magnitude 3.9 at 5am in
The only damage is to my sleep but it sure was frightening.

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