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Amazon a appelé sa commu à faire un concours de commentaires pour trouver sa nouvelle bio insta.

Le 1er : "promis on paiera nos impôts en France".

Amazon supprime le com et épingle 2 commentaires pétés pour qu'ils remontent en top comm. Depuis un tsunami de comm sur les impôts.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/math_caill/status/

The wind is strong and blowing dead leaves at the height of my windows. I live on the 8th floor.
Also how are there any dead leaves left to blow at this time of the year?

about video conferences with around a hundred participants is that you can easily take some time to get out of your chair and do some

Is it correct to say that a link to an address starting with a slash is a relative link with an absolute path? Is there a better name for those? Trying to write clear code comments, boosts appreciated for this


@TheGibson Matrix is an open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication over IP

Le pôle #LogicielsLibres d'Etalab cherche sa ou son chargé·e de communautés et de contributions 🧢

👉 communs.numerique.gouv.fr/a-pr

Merci pour les RT!

Après une longue pause, le blog Libreon reprend du service avec un article sur le service de discussion instantanée Matrix !

👉 blog.libreon.fr/communiquez-su

Oh wow. Training the next generation to by telling them how to “collect their favourite brands.” minibrandscollectors.zuru.com/
Some bright behind this for sure.

For #GivingTuesday, we share with you an update on the #copyleft lawsuit regarding #Vizio's ongoing GPL violations: sfconservancy.org/blog/2021/no
Vizio's strategy is to deny consumers their rights under the #GPL and #LGPL!

Please donate now to support our work: sfconservancy.org/sustainer/

I was stretching, enjoying the quiet of the early morning, when I realised Epona's song from OoT was playing in my head. Not the worst earworm for the current mood.

" I’m wearing this when I teach evolutionary medicine next week."

Isolate by Circus Maximus is such an epic album. It got me , now it gives me and I'm only halfway through that 💜 🤘

"Disparaître", la suite du film "Nothing to hide" qui aborde les moyens de protéger sa vie privée en ligne, sera diffusé sur ARTE le 30 novembre à 23h30.
Il sera en ligne dès le 23/11 à cette adresse ⤵️


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