From one of my acquaintances (not from me) - some solid stuff for you to get through this. 🙂👍

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Happy Friday morning! We had rain overnight and it's lovely and cool and overcast here right now, despite being forecast 34C today.

Here's a happy bulldog bouncing around on a trampoline :D

"Audiences and potential clients are smarter than ever, so the last thing that you want to do is risk alienating them by seeming like you’re trying too hard. It helps to understand what jargon is and how to avoid it."

"Transforming a logo to convey a political message falls squarely into what’s known as the 'fair use' doctrine. This allows people to transform copyrighted material and use it in multiple ways, including for public criticism and comment, like if a climate protester altered an oil company’s logo to criticize its role in climate change."

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