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actually, plugging a "bad" small amp/speaker on a 1 on battery reveals entertaining... even technically usefull
It kind of speaks like R2D2 with all the interferencies it makes on the native audio port (and bad earth connection) ...
you can actually follow it's innerworking by the ears, readings the sdcards, or downloading stuff, calculating, ... like an audio prompt or progress-bar

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REM to self :" _don't_ fall in the stairs, you know they are slippy"


aïe ... ^·^'

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@lulucybrelu @TSU50R1 @punky @Mirima

90% des mathématicien·ne·s disent qu'on a le droit de faire ce qu'on veut avec les stats

mmm ... looks like Collabora is growing a top expert team in reserve ...
maybe some future in Libre and Open Source VR/AR after all ?

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Le PleinOPENair sur les chapeaux de roues !

Domaine Public sera présent les samedis 25 août et 1er Septembre au PleinOpenAir avec un petit stand pour vous offrir thés/cafés et petits gâteaux. N'hésitez pas à passer !

Le PleinOpenAir aura lieu les 24 & 25 août sous le viaduc Hermann-Debroux et les 31 août & 1er septembre, dans le quartier Heyvaert, sous la halle Libelco,

Le programme complet (nova-cinema.org/prog/2018/167-) et les horaires (nova-cinema.org/prog/2018/167-) sont en ligne.

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so if you plan to go in Italy, though Genova, better use an planner than a Google one ... just for your .

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so apparently there is some development in the projector industry that I did not seen ... the ALPD laser technology : using a UV laser hitting a "fluorescent color wheel" it produce the rgb colors needed better than leds, higher brightness in smaller package ...

Xiaomi is hitting the market with one short-throw 5000 lum, but it's used in theater and next in ultraportable
so images _will_ blow out at night in some places ;)

(tks @francois_grassard for the tip)

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A vampire can’t come in your house unless you explicitly accept their updated privacy policy.

Alors que certain·e d'entre nous utilisons ce soft depuis plus de 10 ans, ben je vous dit pas tout les trucs qu'on a appris en rédigeant ce manuel pour le montage video... (et c'est pas fini)
blender3d est absolument insondable
@francois_grassard @julienduroure

great research project about "AI" uses that treat people as objects based on flawed/biased database :

(note the delicious retro GUI style )

great also this is done properly in a lab, presented as social research, and not in the wild presented as "art experience" ... ;)


I really like the viewport in ... I could make a VR simulator of a simulator to build levels for the company I work with,

this faculty to abstract or not the childs and other things under viewport_container in 2d and 3d is amazing ...

So as is running a show about the and , and of the masses, I wrote them a mail to talk about the ... but not sure it will hit the target.
If any of you friends have a more direct contact, it would be the right time I think ;)
(they are on the classical social silos ... and their contact form is bugged )

I finally found out what make the scene crawling : shadows ... they are killing the framerate. even just one small spot in view with a tiny shadowmap ruins the scene... without them the same scene runs at 90fps in ;)
the compositor still does a ghost image but it's not that visible at that rate ...
something to look at ! (cause the behavior is weird)


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Bonjour tout le monde, heureuse de vous retrouver ici :)

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La liste pour une démocratie Local.e change de nom et devient #Kayoux !


> Chaque caillou – voix, opinion, citoyen – est unique et, ajouté aux autres, peut créer des compositions à l'infini


> La seule condition pour devenir un Kayou est d’adhérer à la charte des valeurs et de fonctionnement des Kayoux - et de la respecter. Les Kayoux n’ont pas de meneur. Car même si tous les kayoux sont différents, un kayou est un kayou. #Génies 😂💚💎


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Déclaration de #soutien : proces-ecrans-ttgo.be/declarat

Le 5 septembre débute le procès d'un jeune bruxellois poursuivi pour détournement d'écrans publicitaires dans le cadre des mobilisations contre les traités de libre-échange #TTIP et #CETA


while thinking about it... I'm wondering at what point this algebra is revealing something about the universe, or something about the science and it's tools.
iow : is the algebra the lens that makes us think the universe is like "this" (as the standard model is heavily relying on math) and could that algebra be "different" or not as heavily used so that other "solutions" could appear for the universe law problem...
Probably it's the question that underly the pursue of this further down

so a new FLOSS photogrammetry software is about te be released (this week following the issues)

Meshroom : github.com/alicevision/meshroo

from AliceVision : alicevision.github.io/

on e-paper it looks very good both on the reconstruction methods and results _and_ on the GUI...

(I think I'll wait for the release before to try to compile, as the dependencies looks a bit heavy, I might loose too much time just to test this at first)

so it could turns out that the magic of the universe could be linked to an "Octarine" property of mathematics : Octonions looks like some fundamental key!
Cohl Furey : she is probably writing some history page here, so brilliant and "simple" (and not needing billions to explore) : quantamagazine.org/the-octonio