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there is a scene in a scene in a scene in a scene in a scene in a scene in a scene in a scene where something is going wrong ...

you mission is to go, deep, find it, correct, and ... come back.

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RT @wheresaddie@twitter.com
@brokep@twitter.com the class struggle has become rich people laughing at poor people and poor people thinking its entertainment and politics.

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bon aujourd'hui, j'ai pêté mon genou (mais ça va), mon phare avant droit, et le pare-brise qui devait être réparé ne l'est pas ...
super journée par ailleurs, ;)

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Very happy to announce the release of Fork Awesome 1.0. A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit known as Font Awesome.


With the release of this fork, you'll now find icons for open source projects such as #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Diaspora, #Scuttlebutt, etc.

We've hopefully also made the process of contributing a lot more easier.

Thx to @KnowPresent & @n8 for the support. mastodon.social/media/Dcdq4C82

yes : FB jugé illégal en Belgique concernant la protection des données :
Ça dois arrêter de tracker les gens et effacer les données illégales ...

bon il y aura appel sans doute, mais c'est déjà une bonne chose ...


Also seems to have some buzz around the support for these last days in the specialised press :

ex :


and other (search for "godot engine vr support" )

\o/ >>> @mux213

( and now to finish to tackle the last trailling/reprojection effect bug on linux and we are good to go for a ride ! -> I need to file an issue with proper video... ;) )

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so at the convention today I participated (in a 3 member team) to the organised mini 5h to make examples (and to learn/discover bugs ;) )
I made the Gfx and Fx of this simple (of course unfinished) little thing where you have to "smash" amebea with your rotatin' thing (that you can let go and recapture)... speed = damage+glow ;)
it's playable with mouse and gamepad, probably "soon" on some git ;) ...

was in the meeting on mobile linux, interesting things where said and laid out there, as well as there was very tangible weight on the shoulder of @Purism to "not to die this time" with librem 5 so some sort of trust, public product (out of niche) and later libre ecosystem of hard/software could emerge.

the question of common app distribution and API is also hot

and it looks like there still needs some emerging feature above the privacy and data control specs of the distributed model

So who else is in the line for room h1301?

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when you are confused taking the drone music in the background for the boiling coffee X)

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And another tutorial video, not much new in this for people who've followed my channel but just recapping a few things now #godotengine 3.0 is here and the #openvr Asset is in the asset library:

so, I hope noone forget that tomorow night it's Bytenight party @ HackerspaceBrussels !


Au Gdi, on se prends la tête pour payer les verres… en n'euros ¡*)

\o/ ... I found a way to do alpha transparency on videos in ,

throught hacking a component done by another to do greenkey ...
that's a bit overkill I think, as if I understand well THREE.js support material.alphaMap already,
but the A-Frame material does not expose it ... and I can't mod the base code directly, so ... "handgrenades" ;)

And now I can combine Flam3 sequences in ... so much fun
(still whishing FF works with openVR on linux... no luck till now)

playing around with Flam3 , the graphic engine behind ElectricSheep, the screensaver/screenpunter that make you dream on your desk ...

just scratching the surface but this script thing is intriging, to say the least ;)

\o/ it builds and works
Godot3.0+Godot_openVR gdnative plugin on GNU-Linux + Vive and steamvr vrmonitor (you don't need steam to run actualy ;) )

magic was to use llvm and not gcc ... (reason probably linked to a pizza or chinese restaurant ticket at some point... enquiry will tell ... )

maybe the year of on Linux ;) ?

So it seems that Linux is actually not so lost as a platform to develop and play with : "following a study" 11% of developpers at GDC are working games for Linux, nearly as much as for Switch (12%) ...
and 19% for VR headsets.

interesting year ahead ;)