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sauvages dans le jardin ... parade nuptiale, portrait et vue photogrametrique du territoire de la communauté. Elles creusent des trous (0.8cm) dont l'entrée est bien ronde mais sans plus... travaillent la journée, une 30aine environ à vue d'oeil ...

free in the garden, nuptial parade, portait and nest territory in ... around 30 ind. dig small 8mm round holes to lay eggs, works the day with the sun ...

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actually, plugging a "bad" small amp/speaker on a 1 on battery reveals entertaining... even technically usefull
It kind of speaks like R2D2 with all the interferencies it makes on the native audio port (and bad earth connection) ...
you can actually follow it's innerworking by the ears, readings the sdcards, or downloading stuff, calculating, ... like an audio prompt or progress-bar

so apparently the (now) phantom boat I was thrown out last summer is definitely sinking ...
this is somehow a relief for some as it release some abusive NDA and other IP closes ...

hope the last employees can now find some better contexts (the team was excelent for the actual doers ... not the XEOs )


au cas où vous avez du temps, la série de podcast par Frank Istasse au sujet des phénomènes est vraiment bien.

Probablement un des meilleurs docu sur la problématique ce jour ...

so looks like there is pretty little number of still usable and maintained apps/editors for OSC interface communication with "smartphones" and tablets
I see living in the free world programable in javascript and patchable in

seems to integer also and puredata with libpd ...
anyone has experience with this one ???

- dad : how do the plants live in : it never rains ?
- ... [...] ... mmm ... easy : it only rains when no players are connected, so they don't get wet ^^

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ha ! with latest steamvr and 2.90.alpha, the view with is finally working on linux !!
I just have a bizare light difference between the 2 eyes (one miss the environmental lightning it seems) and the scale looks like 10x
but "It Works"(tm) \o/

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I really encourage you all to watch "Be Natural: the untold story of Alice Guy-Blaché". It's the perfect story of a woman, one of the first fiction movie director in the world, who was completely removed from history. The movie describes her career and how she was removed from history and forgotten. #cinema

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I'm wondering who is "libre" here ...
is dystopia for the workers ? (chilling low cost cliché for the B2B market)

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Defunding police is one thing. But depending on your country, something like half of the TV shows are about armed bureaucrats. These shows are almost always from the perspective of the heroic (usually pale-male) police who almost always have good intentions. They involve the most lurid, violent crimes which is a tiny fraction of real police work. Only the most exceptional episodes show cops suffering consequences for violence or corruption.

Hollywood needs to get over its obsession with cops too or at least start telling stories about real crimes like tax evasion, worker exploitation and real-estate scams.

#police #tv #popculture

Robert Sebille, un des pilliers toujours modeste mais essentiel de l'informatique/internet libre en Belgique nous a quitté ce WE ...
Il aura entre-autre co-fondé l'association (donnant maintenant et soutenu Abelli, travaillé avec Banlieue,
enseignant, développeur, analyste, engagé et visionnaire, il a très vite senti l'importance du logiciel libre pour la démocratie et l'émancipation sociale

il nous manquera ;'(

so I got a nano 33 ... it's supported by as controller, I will see how I can use it with that or other way with as controller/sensor (first as a rotary/wheel sensor)

if you have any special tips, welcome ;)

Elio a mangé trop de poutine pendant le confinement ? il parle québecois mnt Oo 🤔

logique implacable pour le SPFFinance de fixer la valeur des protections personnelles à l'aune du "prix du marché" pour calculer les "libéralités" consenties par les citoyen·ne·s aux organismes de soin et assimilés, alors même que ce "marché" n'existait pas ou évaluait la valeur de ces "marchandises" vitales à 10x leur prix habituels
p.ex. une protection écran PET est évaluée à 1€, un masque tissus 1.5€ alors que les seuls disponibles ont coûtés bien + que ça en travail

considering installing a node ... too many (most) cars are way above speed limits ...

mmm! : it looks like we'll get viewport on with standard OpenVR driver ... it support OpenGL now :)

( is great project but still not day-to-day usable)

there is just some new bugs introduced in that breaks it for all ... but I suppose once this is solved it will work ! (I confirm the bug here)

every time in the news they talk about those TRAPPIST exoplanets, I just can't but internally laugh on how those belgians arrived to name a star system with their favorite ... beers ...
(they say it's for the monks congregations but... yeah ... we know ;) ... )
and actually I hope they are inhabited, for not having to explain them the joke ... /o\

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Événement – Vive la fête de la musique ! ♫
♪ Ce week-end c'est Fête de la Musique, à cette occasion nous vous invitons à découvrir notre sélection de Logiciels Libres et de Services dédiés à la musique et à la création musicale.  ♫

VLC : le lecteur multimédia Libre !
Audacity - modifiez libr
#audacity #fetedelamusique #Fetedelamusique #FruityLoopsStudio #lmms #logicpro #MAO #musescipt #MusicXML #VLC

"vlaamse rechts" against artists : it's dully noted and will not be forgoten ... !

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On est encore en ligne sur et on enchaîne avec une carte blanche à l'artiste Olivier Baudu de 30min, un duo en direct de la sur les rituels, et une performance musicale de aux alentours de 23h.

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