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sauvages dans le jardin ... parade nuptiale, portrait et vue photogrametrique du territoire de la communauté. Elles creusent des trous (0.8cm) dont l'entrée est bien ronde mais sans plus... travaillent la journée, une 30aine environ à vue d'oeil ...

free in the garden, nuptial parade, portait and nest territory in ... around 30 ind. dig small 8mm round holes to lay eggs, works the day with the sun ...

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actually, plugging a "bad" small amp/speaker on a 1 on battery reveals entertaining... even technically usefull
It kind of speaks like R2D2 with all the interferencies it makes on the native audio port (and bad earth connection) ...
you can actually follow it's innerworking by the ears, readings the sdcards, or downloading stuff, calculating, ... like an audio prompt or progress-bar

je me demande quand iels vont commencer à comprendre et réagir 🤔

"FB bloque la page du Mu.ZEE d'Ostende à cause d'une photo de sculptures de nus"

"C'est une catastrophe car une grande part de notre communication se fait via [FB]"

"Toerisme Vlaanderen avait connu le même problème en 2018 [...] Finalement, après négociation, l'agence de promotion du tourisme flamand avait été autorisée à placer quelques publicités de nus artistiques. Mu.Zee espère également arriver à un accord avec [FB]"

hey Snap4Arduino c'est _vraiment_ bien hein ... !!!!
ça permet d'interfacer presque n'importe quel senseur et/ou actuateur (moteur, lumière, ...) à une programation simple par block, avec pratiquement tous les microcontroleurs compatibles firmata, plus du son et du visuel ... ça rocks! ;)

so apparently now is blocking most of network ... it was sparse before, but since a few days it really looks tight

"Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later."


hmm ... looks like the easiest way for me to make a bluetooth controller on an android device for a custom "thing" is by ... using ... as it's easy to make a nice interface and publish :)

(my 11yo wants a drone, so we'll try to build one together with spare parts and free software ;p )

great! the parcel finally arrived, in good shape, and the dongle _is_ working after a bit of fiddling with pairing of the controllers so yeah I can use both controllers again :D
I had to plug the vrdongle in the usb port of the headset though, or it would loose the signal from the controller if not in line of sight... (the computer is 2 m away) and so I can't close the lid of the headset connectors anymore. but it's a rather low problem in regard of the functionnality back ;)

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so this dongle coming from the US, it's stuck at the Customs bureau since 2 weeks, and I have to pay 15€ on top of taxes as "custom expenses" ... (it's like 50% of the price of the good ...)
so basically I payed more in taxes, expenses and delivery than for the product itself ... I'm wondering how much is getting the maker selling it 🤔

hope it'll arrive this week finaly

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#Sketchfab changes its Terms of service and adds:

"You agree that your use of any User Content downloaded from the Services will always be subject to the most-current version of the License Agreement or Creative Commons license [...]"

Is this legal? I thought a #CreativeCommons license was irrevocable. If I download one of Sketchfab design today for use under a certain license, this can't change over time. It would be impossible to comply with future changes. Anyone?

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2/2 3️⃣ La crise du #COVID19 a décuplé le fichage de nos déplacements, via le PLF, et nous rend coupables ”a priori” d’une infraction. Nous avons interviewé Mathieu Michel, secrétaire d’Etat à la Protection de la vie privée, à ce sujet dans l’épisode 6.

La participation autour de ce volet de l'enquête se présente sous forme de jeu. N'hésitez pas à faire largement circuler ce quizz. Les informations qu'il contient sont cruciales pour les citoyens belges.


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Je viens d'apprendre le décès de Philippe Aigrain, dans sa maison à la montagne, près d'Argeles.. je suis si triste.

Philippe avait été mon inspiration pour mes recherches sur les brevets sur les logiciels lorsque j'étais étudiant.

Plus tard nous avons co-fondé La Quadrature du Net ensemble.

En plus d'un être incroyablement généreux et sensible, d'un formidable ami, Philippe était un brilliant penseur, philosophe, écrivain, programmeur, stratège, poète...

Quelle perte pour le monde... :((((

"virgin galactics live launch" ... why do I have the impression to be in a fiction movie/serie ?? ... 🤔

this sentiment when you look at a "hacker video" explaining you some trick about doing some not so straightforward operation ... realising "the trick" is exactly what you have yourself came about by practice ...
oscillating between content and despair of not finding a better way ... ('cos it still a mess somehow)

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during a casual meeting the other day, I answered to the usual question about "what do you do in life (work)?" like I try to do by "I'm a computer artist" (lame translation from french) ... then the conversation drifted awkwardly and I was asked if I do 'those images that are sold very expensive on the net' meaning 's ... I laughed and gladly said "no!" and explained in a few words my problems with it ...
it eased the atmosphere right away ! ... :D
(we also talked )

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great ! the plugin for is finaly out and working well (and on linux too !), it's available in the asset store so really easy to install and start with
Thks @mux213 for the work ! 🕶️

still waiting for the dongle, but the maker is responsive ... actually out of stock it should be shipped next weeks (after 9th of july) ...
hope this delivery chain will work but I like to deal with this kind of artisan level of tech :D
(I really hope it works on linux out of the box 🤞 ... who knows ;p )

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This weekend, I started work on FaustGen - a plugin for #SuperCollider that lets you livecode #Faust using an embedded compiler. There's still some way to go before first release but it's starting to come together. You can follow the progress here (or click "watch" on Github to get notified when first release is out). Getting help from awesome people in the #FOSS community but would love even more feedback, help etc.

So I had inundation in the workshop, and a lot of sawdust took water ...
initially I thought about using it as eating for the winter with a rocket-stove , but now it is soaked I'm wondering about doing experiments with mycelium to remake pannels/planks/blocks like in this study
... then I think wait : sawdust+mycelium+compression+160°C ... like in a ?
could we make beams with a extruder ?

ha ben ça va, la ville de Liège se réorganise suite à un piratage informatique assez rude ...
la plupart des choses passent par téléphone ou email... mais pour l'urbanisme tu peut envoyer tes documents en pdf par email ou... sur une clé USB ...


ho wait ... !!

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