Wait, is Detective Pikachu about knowing who killed Stan Lee or am I mixing news? 🤔

@KekunPlazas @Purism anyone interested in Tor Browser, Signal (or compatible clone), or Guardian Project apps on the phone, please feel free to talk to me directly (here or sean.obrien@puri.sm).

After years developing GNOME Games, I finally took the time to play and even finish a game with it (here, Link's Awakening DX). 🤗

Flash: Le grand conseil Jedi maintient l'hommage à Dark Vador samedi "On peut avoir été un grand soldat durant la guerre des clones et conduire à des choix funestes sous l'Empire". source: twitter.com/le_gorafi/status/1

Want to make apps for the @Purism ? We published a simple roadmap for the libhandy GTK+ phone widgets library, so you can get a grasp of our release cadence: source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhand

J’y pense, mais à Montpellier, il va falloir renommer cette rue “rue des machines de bureau internationales” :

Tired: GNOME = GNU Network Object Model Environment
Wired: GNOME = GNOME is Not an Object Model Environment

I watched a 1hr cppcon 2018 video on tube, the speaker was trying to explain why there are ~19 variable initialization syntaxes in c++ and why they all have their times that they work, or work in an unexpected way or give error... Than on quora I read how cpp is more and more ahead of other languages...🙄

"We value your privacy" as the headline of a RGPD banner is actually quite honest for sites making it cumbersome to disable cookies.

Since I like history, I care about the @gnome project, and I love making people cringe with my voice, I started a podcast about the History of GNOME: bassi.io/category/history/podc

Geary has two projects approved for Outreachy, a paid-internship programme to support people from groups that are underrepresented in tech, to help make their first contributions to a FOSS project.

The first is is looking at improving Geary's user experience with junk email, the second is looking at creating automated mail server testing for Geary.

If those sound interesting, please do apply: outreachy.org/apply

Boosts appreciated!

#Geary #Outreachy #GNOME

Hey , following what @csoriano did a few months ago, I recently started looking into and pages to make a static blog.

I was wondering: what about using Mastodon or some other Fediverse-based solution as its comment system? Have you ever heard about such a use of Mastodon?

Plus précisément, quand j'ai mentionné mes origines de l'ouest de la France à un Japonais, il s'est immédiatement écrié : « Bretagne ? Oh, kouign amañ ! »

Hacking, lucques noires et Talisker Storm. C'est une bonne soirée. :3

Ce soir c'est la quille pour une semaine ! Pas d'écrans mais des amis IRL pendant plusieurs jours ! ❤️

Quick design question: would you enjoy using a Mastodon app that hid the local & federated timelines behind a menu?

I personally would prefer that the user can quickly access Home, Local, and Federated.


Demoing the upcoming GNOME Games 3.30 on my GPD Win! To the menu:
- play Nintendo DS, Games Gear, Master System and Virtual Boy games
- navigate in the app with your gamepad 🎮
- new Developers and Platforms views
- faster loading times
- small thumbnails for small windows


Sidenote: it's my first video on ! \o/

@gnome -Games

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