FWIW, it clearly looks to me now that the whole feature will be completed on time for GNOME 3.34, and that makes me very happy.

The last days I have gotten back to work on my patch set to revamp the #GNOME Web ad blocker: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/epiphan

After rebasing and adapting to the new public API (available since WebKit 2.24), I added the periodic update check, direct loading of local ruleset files, support in the profile migration tool, and changed the default to switch from EasyList in the ABP to the WebKit native JSON ruleset format.

Only one item left to go: making sure filters are enabled before loading web pages.

Just found a super cool ebook app called Foliate. This is really nicely done, congrats to the author!


Our Google Summer of Code students have officially started their projects! We wish you all the best of luck and are thrilled to have you working with our awesome project mentors. 😉 We look forward to hearing all about your success at #GUADEC2019

Sensor calibration settings can be used by apps/sites to fingerprint iOS and Android phones.

We added a "Lockdown Mode" for the Librem 5 which allows you to defend against this.

Librem 5 Lockdown Mode: puri.sm/posts/lockdown-mode-on

Sensor Calibration Attack: zdnet.com/article/android-and-

Je vous invite à éviter @thomascyrix pour les très nombreuses raisons expliquées ici : youtu.be/9GEOLZLGYm0

The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles, also known as the "Hooo you should sell that on Etsy" syndrom (wink @hellgy@twitter.com)
I had a lot of people asking me to sell my foxy stickers on Etsy as well, nope, I prefer to offer them :)
manrepeller.com/2019/02/trap-o manrepeller.com/2019/02/trap-o

Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.


Interested in GTK 4 development? Check out the latest blog entry from Matthias Clasen detailing what's new in GTK 3.96.0 (GTK 4 development branch). There's lots to be excited about! blog.gtk.org/2019/05/08/gtk-3-

Librem 5 hardware update report for May 8th!

Including: Display drivers accepted upstream, Mesa, SMS, and compositor work.


Working on the same widget size and position allocation algorithm since 3 days, it's still not working as expected… I'm getting tired.

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