Hello everyone!

My name is Johannes. I live in Germany and am currently studying computer science.I’ve been a FLOSS dev for a few years now and am currently working on getting end-to-end encryption into GNOME’s Matrix client Fractal.

I’m interested in systems programming, desktop app development, cryptography and hacking.

Pushing for more accessibility and diversity in the Free Software community is one of my major goals.

Expect me to post about my projects, stuff happening in the FLOSS world, adjacent political stuff and more.

#introduction #introductions

testing adaptive w tiling, this is basically Mutter bug that cant remember the size of tiled windows


this, merged today on #GNOME Settings master!

some panels still need work, plus it needs the port to adaptive modal dialogs, but bottom line is we have one more adaptive app that will make tiling a bit more useful!

@aral @bjoern You're welcome! We are aware that we are arriving late to the WebRTC game... at some point we had to switch from the OpenWebRTC library to libwebrtc due to lack of maintenance of the former. If you're curious there's a lightning talk on the topic from the last Web Engines Hackfest: youtube.com/watch?v=LHSVMWOYVi

@bjoern @aral We currently have support for WebRTC in WebKit trunk for the GTK+ and WPE ports. It has not been available in stable releases yet, but it's definitely on its way.

I am. And it is good to have people like you on the 100% (b)right side. Many more should follow. But complete rejection of anything with a hint of shadow attached, makes it harder for ppl who are still in the 'dark' to cross over. There are shades of grey in between, leading to the light.

As a young dev I didn't know this side. Starting w OS switch, then browser, gradually becoming more aware.. its a path to follow, one step leading to the next; more commitment given

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And here's that entry placeholder again, but this time in 4 lines of CSS.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/baedert/status/108

@strypey @Ajz @harriskenny From my perspective I'd never distribute Odysseus via AppImage. Because the whole reason I can cope on my own when developing a browser free desktops is because I can offload updating of the engine onto others.

AppImage doesn't give me that, I'd be running out of date software.

Read about our upcoming PureOS App Store coming to Librem 5 and Librem laptops puri.sm/posts/purism-announces. Exciting times are ahead of us! #DefendFreedom #PrivacySecurityNow

The History of @gnome podcast is back after the break, with the beginning of a new chapter. The first episode is a retrospective on GNOME 1.x before we take the plunge and work our way through GNOME 2.x: bassi.io/articles/2019/01/17/h

The term "Procrastinator" triggers me.

I prefer the term "JIT Person", thank you.

as my num 67_348_001 favorite french (@KekunPlazas@twitter.com) told me yesterday, today LibHandy gained support for #GNOME/#GTK adaptive dialogs!

same on YT

@brainblasted @aral @neoncipher @mathieu @bob

Exactly. Not supporting Google's products simply means that people who use them will not use you app/desktop/whatever. Supporting proprietary services and libre services equally well provides a means for people to migrate from the former to the latter.

@aral @bob @mjog @neoncipher @alcinnz Aral, GNOME is not the GNOME Foundation. The GNOME Foundation is disconnected from every day development on GNOME, and it does not represent the views of every contributor to GNOME.

Many people working on GNOME are vehemently against surveillance capitalism - that's why a lot of us are working on it: to provide an alternative platform to those created by surveillance capitalists. It is a problem that the Foundation receives money from Google, but it certainly doesn't mean that we don't care.
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