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If blog post by Hillel Wayne about formal verification has piqued your interest, check out last year‘s FOSDEM talk by Yannick Moy on SPARK (full disclosure: Muen is also featured :)

„SPARK Language: Historical Perspective & FOSS Development“


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So @DesChips made a thing that got featured on the interwebs: running Ada on an Risc-V softcore (FPGA):

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@cynicalsecurity You really should! Feel free to pester me with questions (which I will then forward to @DesChips) hehe Consider that you would be running in a different direction than seemingly „everybody“ else as the Rust hype is ongoing.

Also, you can use the shiny new learning platform by AdaCore so you don’t need to install the toolchain etc:

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GEneric Sprite and Tile Engine (GESTE) is a 2D game engine for micro-controllers written in Ada by @DesChips .

This video shows three example games running on the Numworks calculator, which is an ARM Cortex-M4 at 1000 MHz:

Source (BSD license):

Numworks Calculator:

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