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The trending tag has taught me a another story of , and . It is sad, but something worth learning about.

One of the most interesting urls I have seen on :

It appears to be Persian for 'Linux'.


Just in case you were looking for a how-to blog topic: how to use to . Apparently there is a lot of conflicting [mis]information about using for ssh, and I am looking for something authoritative which works (unlike the documentation at Nitrokey, which does not.)

Day 16 since announced to be shipping. No posted or reported yet.

I was really excited when I learnt about the —so cool! but not available in North America. I was nearly as excited for , though it was bigger, and still android. And still not available in North America. Fairphone said they wanted to release outside , and they would with the next release, but too costly for FP2.

FP3 is about to ship. Website says they absolutely do not ship to North America. But is okay, because and ship to EU.

It is one of the curiousities of the , particularly , that we tolerate (even encourage) /botwriting, despite being quite intolerant on other issues. We have even spontaneously adopted an "it's okay if people can opt-out by adding the tag to their bio" justification.

Don't we rail about corporates who demand our privacy unless we follow obscure opt-out ceremonies?

"Much of the reasons for the initial delays were due to NXP’s i.MX 8 chip availability and Qualcomm’s bid to buy NXP." - M Travis Rose at FossLinux

<hms> Due to Trump's with China, that deal fell apart in 2017, really, and the final decision was July 2018. Not sure how much influence that would still have on supply chains in 2019.


Loving the blog. What software, and how difficult to install?

Nancy Pelosi announces formal proceedings against US President Trump.

Aleks: "on my side I'm stuck working on 3.7 and 3.8 (and starting the 3.8 I think I'm just gonna declare a feature freeze until we're past buster otherwise we're never gonna be able to actually do that migration)"



Yay, the local transit system has switched the advisory board website to something requiring 3rd party cookies. And a new ticketing system, which includes pixels.

Thank goodness I am a civic volunteer, eh? aka, product being sold to someone.

So my last hardware order had an interesting variation from the norm - instead of one 3B+ there were two, but missing the ordered power supply.

I could live with this, but my conscience could not. Sigh. Paid for it. Got charged for shipping it.

Must be a new sales technique.

Depending on shipping scheduling, I may be moving to a really old device whilst I await my : rides again. Well, if it takes a charge.

Family trivia: on this day in 1832 an ancestor of my ddil was born in Rothbach, Bas-Rhine, Alsace, France. George William Zwiebel:

Another !

* @cassolotl - lovely human!

* @Framasoft - des gens biens! (logiciels libre)

* @danielst - lovely human!

Sentence one never wants to see:

"Some directories in any file system should never be used for hosting data from." - documentation.

A challenging sentence to write, and to recast.

"Data should never be hosted from some directories, no matter the file system." - recast #1

"In any file system there are some directories (from|in) which data should never be hosted." - recast #2

The verb choice here, "hosted", is part of the problem. It should be "served".

Cool! the Black really does fit nearly exactly into an Altoids tin!

Now to figure out how to modify the tin to gain access to ports, power supply…

I really hate that @ecrpibot has so polluted the tags it uses every 15 minutes that no one can have a useful conversation about Raspberry Pi on . There are not many things do not love, but hosting that bot is one of them.

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