Experience anyone? I've heard good things about.

This is what you get when you buy from . We see articles like these at least twice a year.

I want my hardware to use and standards, thank you very much.


homes will turn dumb overnight as Charter kills service

Charter's product shutdown highlights lack of in systems.


host -t SRV has SRV record 0 100 5269

Hmm… 🤔

host -t SRV has SRV record 20 0 5222 has SRV record 5 0 5222 has SRV record 20 0 5222 has SRV

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Demain soir, reportage sur le #Minitel de nos jours avec @cquest sur France 2 à partir de 20h30 !
Pensez à programmez vos magnétoscopes ! J'ai acheté une VHS neuve rien que pour ça ;)

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A large amount of package updates arrived in @opensuse Tumbeweed this week including curl, @libreoffice, @kde and more -

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Your 30 second explanation of what's wrong with the (and much of 's) healthcare model.


DNA Lounge: 9-Jan-2020 (Thu): Wherein we are a vector

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@fribbledom My pet peeve. I'm a programmer; I don't (usually) need comments to tell me what the code *does*. I want to know why it's there, what it accomplishes in the grand scheme of things.

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Today, I'm going to figure out how execve() manages to keep track of open fds while replacing the executable image inside a task.

Something needs to keep track of which fds are open and what Mach ports they map to. Something needs to close CLOEXEC fds. And this all should happen without racing too much.

It might be simple or it might be complicated. Let's see


> , and also increased diplomatic pressure on , launching a dispute mechanism to challenge for breaching limits on its programme under an agreement which abandoned in #2018.

Err… 🤔

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"La Commission rappelle qu'il doit être aussi simple de retirer que de donner son consentement."

Ah bah mince, on doit laisser un truc de gestion des cookies accessible ? Sans l'enterrer dans un obscur lien planqué au fond d'une politique de confidentialité (après avoir pris soin de colorer le lien de la même couleur que le texte sinon c'pas drôle) ?

Rhooo, y'a de l'abus.

Et de fait on confirme que laisser l'internaute se démerder avec les réglages du butineur, c'est non.

You know? At least in those days they would do it for .

Now they just do it for free.
secretly funded in and - documents

The British government secretly funded Reuters in the 1960s and 1970s at the beh...

NB: not to be taken as a defence of the “” which, referring to those who engage in or condone , I consider a horde of selfish, psychopathic with no sense of or interest in the common good (i.e., not a lot of sympathy 😏).

I do not expect any better from those. But I do expect and demand better from a public service in the .

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Today Forbrukerradet filed three GDPR complaints in cooperation with noyb against Grindr and five AdTech companies that were receiving personal data through the dating app.
Read more:

> Contactée par , la préfecture de de estime que «la circulant sur les réseaux sociaux estparcellaire et sortie de son contexte»

That evasive response is not what I expect from a supposedly professional body.


Une vidéo filmée jeudi, à Paris, montre un policier tirer à bout portant sur un manifestant avec un . Une a été ouverte et confiée à l'.

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Does anyone of you have experiences (good OR bad) with those european online banks? Searching for a new bank preferable with #GNUCash support (HBCI/FintTS or a plugin) and with free transactions; I don't mind paying a monthly fee, if the feature set is good.

Pls RT for reach

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J'habite le sud de l'île de France.
Je cherche quelqu'un pour me former à Guile et/ou aussi à Gnucash (rapport personnalisé).
Est-ce que vous connaissez quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider ?
#guile #scheme #gnucash #learn #teach #help

This is one of those issues where all the effort we put into making safe utterly falls apart.

It is our proverbial elephant in the room. 😔


Accident: Spirit at Boston on Jul 17th 2015, on board, died 50 days later

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