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So, as soon as a government announce they consider using mobile phone geolocation data to track infection.. we launch massive campaigns about *leaving the phone at home*, right?

Fighting surveillance with a gesture that is not only political, but also sanitary (devices get full of shit and you touch them after touching objects and before washing hands) and of self-care (better mental state without constant buzzing/attention-seeking)

> Elon ’s rocket company on Wednesday banned its employees from using the video-conferencing app, citing “significant and concerns,” according to a memo seen by .


Two state AGs seek info on 's privacy practices

At least two U.S. state attorneys have sought information from Zoom Video Communications Inc following multiple reports that questioned the privacy and security of the video-conferencing app.


This is indeed one of those things that seem to have disappeared through the cracks of time, when it definitely shouldn't.

Nicely written article.


’ was a sport, and were in the game – Solidarity Online

A swathe of murders rocked the LGBT community in Sydney in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. So it was encouraging when SBS announced a series, Deep Water, focusing on the killings. The drama, however, is extremely disappointing.


So this guy writes a blog post titled “It’s Time To Do Right” in which he shows how to mangle that sorry piece of shit even further. 🙄


This is interesting (well, not really). I just did a -related search on (because it gives me a relatively fresh stock price without too much fuss) and looking at the results, it puts a blog called at the top of the “regular” results.

For those who don't know, the blog in question is a cross between a joke and a scamming site.

The guy doing their must be really proud though, that's a bit of a crowning achievement. 😛

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Dicker Mittelfinger an die Länder, die hier diplomatisch sein wollten. Weil Unterzeichner-Länder Ungarn nicht beim Namen genannt haben, hat Ungarn einfach mitunterzeichnet. #democracy #ruleoflaw

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If you run out of RAM for your ESP32-Devkit-C project do not worry, we got you covered and released ESP32-WROVER-DevKit-Lipo. It has same pinout as ESP32-DevKit-C but has 8MB PSRAM, LiPo charger and consumes only 65 uA in deep sleep. olimex.wordpress.com/2020/04/0 #esp32 #IoT

World risks permanent with c*********s controls | | 02.04.2020

Don't "sleepwalk" into permanent surveillance in the pandemic's aftermath, warn 100 civil society groups. Digital surveillance rolled out to curb the virus should be limited in time and scope, they say.


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Nach langer Zeit gibt es mal wieder ein Update vom #pixartmessenger mit vielen Änderungen. Bei #github gibt es wie immer alle Infos dazu

Viel Spaß und bleibt gesund!

Sadly, I'm half stuck with cfuckingmake because .

But fuck, that shit is terrible.

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I'm with this guy from points 1–4. I've never heard of but I'm going to bet it sucks as much as every other attempt at a build system out there.



is a piece of . Contribute to milabs/cmake_is_shit development by creating an account on GitHub.


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It's unacceptable in 2020 if politicians are prevented from exercising their mandates due to lack of interoperability. Pirates have been warning against this trap of proprietary tools for years. I'll keep pushing the services to fix this. Thanks to Anna Cavazzini for jumping in!

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Heute kommen wieder die Forderungen nach verpflichtenden digitalen Datenerhebungen zur Pandemiebekämpfung: Nutzung der Kreditkartenabrechnungen, verpflichtende Installation von Apps, Zugriff auf die Betriebssysteme der Handys. Dazu ein paar Gedanken:

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The Open Build Service will have around 30 minutes of downtime for maintenance work this Thursday between 07:00 and 08:00 UTC - bit.ly/2UwDqTa @opensuse

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Aus (mehrfach) gegebenen Anlass: Ich bin NICHT der Datenschutzbeauftragte der Bundesregierung, sondern der Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz. Der Unterschied? Ich kontrolliere u.a. die Bundesregierung datenschutzrechtlich. Ein kleiner, aber feiner Unterschied.

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