Marcel : Celoevropské řešení je jediná šance, jak vynutit digitální

Nová Evropská komise nebude chtít směrnici o copyrightu znovu otevírat. Uvidíme, co přinese polská žaloba u Soudního dvora, říká v rozhovoru pro Marcel Kolaja. V nejbližší době se chce zaměřit na regulaci teroristického obsahu na internetu.

Ever heard of “” “IP” ?

As you might have suspected, there's nothing to peer about them, it is an old fashioned on the internet (somewhere in for one of the suppliers 🙂).

Nothing stops the proxy owners from accessing not just your streams but every setting in your camera, and since they are the same people who sell the integration, they can easily backdoor your from within their software.

And btw, the whole thing is . 👍

can go fuck itself. They should stop riding on the merits and suffering of other people.

They are the fucking of . Fucking leeches.


Reporters Without Borders honors journalists who fear for their lives | | 12.09.2019

Three female journalists from Malta, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam have received this year's press freedom prizes awarded by the NGO Reporters Without Borders. Two were not allowed to travel to collect their award.

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The US stores retrieved SWIFT bank transactions forever because law enforcement authorities are not required to communicate the closure of investigations. This is what the Commission said in reply to my question. When will it take action?
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Unglaublich: Die USA speichern abgerufene Daten aus dem SWIFT-Abkommen quasi ewig, weil die Erledigung von Strafverfahren nicht weitergemeldet wird! Das räumt die EU-Kommission auf meine Frage ein - und tut nichts!
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I asked Security Commissioner King @JKingEU whether he wants #5G mobile networks to be interceptable even if that compromises the security of our communications to foreign governments and hackers. No answer. @EUHomeAffairs

« Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir called the investigator's report "nothing new." »


'You will suffocate me': journalist Jamal 's last words to his murderers | | 11.09.2019

initially offered multiple accounts about Khashoggi's disappearance, but later said the was killed by rogue officials inside its consulate. The blames Saudi officials for his "premeditated" .

Hmm… is the Greek idiot in the picture still there? That a person like him has a job at all in the is a sign of how bad things are.

But I don't understand, what's so controversial about having a commissioner to protect our sacking, pillaging, colonising, warmongering, toy-imperialist way of life? 🙄

Next: the commissioner against tolerance and acceptance.

Off to a good start, aren't we? 😜
post to 'protect way of life' called ',' '' | | 11.09.2019

EU Commission chief von der was accused of creating a new position with a message. The office for "protecting our European way of life" has been criticized within and throughout the EU.

Good news. Let's hope this person doesn't come back again this time.
Donald fires national security chief John | | 10.09.2019

The president said he "disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions." Bolton, a hawkish best known for his "Axis of Evil" views, was a key figure in the US administrations of both and .

Biggest mistake I've done in the last couple years:

I hope this is a misunderstanding. 🤔 The EU cannot (as per treaty and national constitutions) and need not be sovereign. Sovereignty rests with the member states, regions and peoples, as applicable.


says its new will help 'make Europe truly .

I find it interesting how we can gauge a 's recent evolution by listening to speakers who lost day to day contact with it. Constructs or pronunciation that sounds quaint or old-fashioned will soon emerge, as well as an absence of neologisms or rather, new meanings of old words.

politician and Karel is a great example. Any famous others you can think of?

Good luck with that. 😁

Whatever you think of the man, Bercow has been the best speaker in recent parliamentary history.

Ms Leadsom falls well short of the moral stature required of *any* speaker, let alone a good one.

They're increasingly desperate these people. 😒

plan to contest John 's seat in breach of convention

Andrea says Speaker ‘failed’ by allowing move by MPs to block no-deal

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