Shameless reminder that I'm the right guy if you want to release your music as I do audio mastering for a living. I work a lot with indie free/open #musicians from around the world.
My software pipeline is entirely #freesoftware, a lot of my hardware is #diy.
You'll have your music treated by a real person and my pricing is fair, so that's real value for you.
Just contact me here, and explain me your project, I'd be happy to help.

@Openmastering I master all my songs myself (With JAMin) and it sucks, lemme tell you. Some instruments basically *disappear* from the mix without me noticing before years after. I hate that 🤖

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I'm sorry to hear about this. At least now yyou know someone who can do it without stuff disappearing. JAMin does have some phasing issues I heard. You contact me for your next release, right? Et je parle français en plus.
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