@Hyolobrika @thatbrickster The enemy. Never do that. He's "your friend that doesn't know it yet" 🙂 Sun Tzu

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@Hyolobrika @thatbrickster Read it again, it's all in the typography : I was going for Him then went for It, in the context of this thread in particular, and the current climat in general, you should be able to figure out why 🙂

@Hyolobrika @thatbrickster Ooh I think I see what you mean, because I (mistakenly) capitalized "him"? No, not that "Him" 🤖

@yphil @thatbrickster Okay. Fair enough. It was just a combination of the capitalisation, the cut-off word, and the context of the conversation.
I'm being very paranoid lately lol.
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