@yphil If all they have is corporate sponsorship and sexual degeneracy, Pride has already lost its meaning.
@thatbrickster @yphil What is "sexual degeneracy" anyway?
Sexual things that hurt your feelings?
@Hyolobrika Last time I went to Pride, it had sexual acts that were inappropriate for children (who were also present). If this is what's supposed to make me 'proud' of being bi, Pride is dead to me.


@thatbrickster @Hyolobrika And let alone morals, what good (culturally, I mean in terms of society, civilisation, all that) comes from all this childish *transgression*? Rebellion used to be about opening doors, now it seems to be all about shitting on the living room carpet 🤖

@yphil My favourite trope is when people resort to exclusion saying it's actually about inclusion. From the removal of Scrabble words to having discussion shut down because of offending someone who doesn't exist within a conversation.


@thatbrickster @Hyolobrika I personally got it down to CONFUSION ; It's all about it. Confuse your enemy. Make him question up and down, right and wrong. We are attacked by a very skillful enemy. Let's not disrespect Hi... Well, it.

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