More than 140 webs shut down by the police for promoting the

3/4 of Spanish riot police is in , leaving their cities with people shouting "go get them"

Spanish gov ordered to Catalan police to identify all the responsables of the electoral colleges and has asked to close every electoral college this Friday to make sure that people can't vote on Sunday

800 catalan mayors (from 900) brought to justice for supporting the referendum

All this in a "democratic" country

@xaloc The EU don't like it up 'em! None of 'em, no, not nohow! European leaders are now having to reveal their true colours - all wearing black shirts of fascism!

@Caramale they are just doing the same they did during the 40 years of Franco's dictatorship. Leaving Spain alone because there are to many interests.
And they show the big hypocrisy of our society criticizing the repression and the lack of true democracy and fundamental rights in states like Turkey or Venezuela but not saying anything about what happens here in the EU.
They are all moved by economic interests and not by any sort of values.

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