currently federates with the neo-Nazi instance Gab.

I have tried to contact the admins about it over a week ago to warn them, but have received no response, and the federation continues.

I cannot carry on being on while it federates with Gab.

I've therefore moved's account to a different instance. If you're interested in future updates, please follow the new account:


@kinosocial sorry, only saw now your account is mostly in English...

1. we silenced some days ago (we didn't publicly announced it yet, because our code of conduct is currently in a writing phase, which makes it a bit complicated)
but the most important is that
2. there is NO GAB.COM instance : we don't have *any* account in our database on domain or subdomains


Hiya, ok, really glad to hear you've taken action! 👍

I just checked and is still visible when searching for it on

(By the way, if you update to the latest version of Mastodon, it automatically blocks all subdomains of blocked domains.)

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