I feel like maybe we should have a conversation about #Fediverse nomenclature.

Which words do you use to describe the fediverse?

Which words do you think we should try to adopt, if we aren't using them already?

Is it accessible? If not, what can we do to improve on that?

(inspired by @Algot , but untag him from replies, unless he really wants to get tagged)


0.5c of opinion:

Words in use that are exclusionary: Toot. Instance. Boost.

Words that could be used instead: Post. Server. Repost/Repeat.

Those three are the words that non-users of my acquaintance run away from screaming in horror, or, worse, laughing at the niche/clique level stupidity of it all.

I get why they are used, I know that. For "new" users, they're just wrong.

@dgold @maloki When the bird site started back in 2006, no one knew what "tweet," "retweet" and "favorite" meant, either. No one called those terms exclusionary. Just saying. 🤔

These "web actions" can be reclaimed back to the public domain see - - - > www.indieweb.org and their multi implementation are different, for example when I "retweet" I do so by creating a "repost" type blog post on my own site that I own while it's subsequent retweet effect on Twitter is something that only profit Twitter in the end. - 1/2


@jane @dgold @maloki We could own these web actions back and implement them in different way in different systems (ex my blog or pleroma, mastodon, gnu social etc...) imagine if the user could choose what type of web actions(reply, retweet, quote, favorite, like etc..) one allow on our own content..
@dgold @maloki - 2/2

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