Google contractors are secretly listening to your Assistant recordings

Not only is your Google Home device listening to you, a new report suggests there might be a Google contractor who’s listening as well. Even if you didn’t ask your device any questions, it’s still sending what you say to the company, who allow an actual person to collect data from it.

The person who leaked the recordings was working as a subcontractor to Google, transcribing the audio files for subsequent use in improving its speech recognition.

According to the whistleblower, the recordings presented to them are meant to be carefully annotated, with notes included about the speakers presumed identity and age. From the sound of the report, these transcribers have heard just about everything. Personal information? Bedroom activities? Domestic violence? Yes, yes, and yes.

@Khrys What does one expect after inviting Big Brother to live with you?

just had a discussion yesterday. people don't care. TV, alexa, siri, so much more. but the ones ignoring everything now will complain loud later.

looks like people will not care till their private nudes, bad talks or similiar are public.


@kmj @Khrys
I know kmj. Things that seem plain and obvious simply don't get through to some people.
I've been surprised more than once to find that people whom I thought knew better had Zero interest in protecting their own privacy and even abetted corporations in tracking their movements and behaviour!

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