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Hier, j'ai découvert que Firefox proposait une fonctionnalité intéressante permettant d'installer temporairement et de débugguer une #WebExtension. Ces fonctionnalités sont accessibles en tapant about:debugging dans la barre d'adresse :)
(Cc @Bat)

Raymond Hill (uBlock Origin, uMatrix) fait encore parler de lui avec une belle Webextension :

Lire le Github avant de l'utiliser :

Je viens de tomber là dessus ça peut t'intéresser @gordon ? Pilotage de #firefox au clavier, en #webextension. Pas sûr que ça couvre l'entièreté du scope de #vimperator

How am I gonna live without the Tab Groups addon for firefox?

Comment vais-je survivre sans l'extension firefox Tab Groups ?

#firefox #webextension #tab #group

If you want to use legacy's #addons in #Firefox 57. You should turn to true the extensions.legacy.enabled key into about:config . Hope maintainers of famous addons will switch to #webextension soon. #Nightly

@igor J'ai fait un petit tour des modules que j'ai rassemblé dans mes collections et regardé combien sont compatibles avec Firefox 57:

À peine 20% pour le moment. Mais je vais suivre comment ça évolue...

Hey #Mastodon,

Got the sidebar #WebExtension running under #Opera #Browser as well 😁

I have submit it for review on their add-on program as well. Will keep you all posted.

This I'll start a "Sidebar as a Service" trend 🍍

Hey #Mastodon,

For those using my #Firefox 🦊 #WebExtension add-on to add #Mastodon as a Sidebar who have been unable to connect to some instances due to CSP violations or framing problems, I have fixed 😁 those issues and already issued an update. It is not waiting for approval in the queue. I will announce here once it is approved.

Thanks a lot for keeping up with me :happy: The current version of the add-on works for most instances I've tested though.

Hey #Mastodon, just a friendly 😁 reminder that there is a #Firefox 🦊 #Browser add-on that places Mastodon as a Sidebar on your browser:

This #WebExtension allows you to add instances and switch between them. 🎺 🐘 🍍

Boosts appreciated! Lets spread the tootverse far and wide!

The #WebExtension I build for using #mastodon as a sidebar on #Firefox has been approved. You can get it at

This is an early release but it works well for me. Hope you like it. 😁

Hey fediverse,

My #WebExtension to add #Mastodon as a sidebar to #Firefox is getting better. Now, it allows you to add, remove and change instances.

Will submit to AMO shortly. This should also work on #Chrome, #Opera. 🍍 🍍 🍍 🦊 🦊 😁

PS: Yes, I already fixed the SELECT data bug from the gif...

Got #Mastodon running as a sidebar #WebExtension on #Firefox. Now, I just need a way to let the user configure which instance the add-on should point to. 😁 😁 🦊 🦊

Now, you can awoo while you browse... never miss a toot! 🍍