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@kemonine @MsYutani #truth - I survived many a gathering by being behind the camera.

In Fascist countries capitalism continues to exist, but only in the form of #fascism; and Fascism can be combated as capitalism alone, as the nakedest, most shameless, most oppressive, and most treacherous form of #capitalism
But how can anyone tell the truth about Fascism, unless he is willing to speak out against capitalism, which brings it forth?

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sorta in love with gina yashere (thank you daily show!)

"women, we are toilet ninjas!" #truth

@GinnyMcQueen So, I *just now* came across this video of yourn -- -- and I just thought I'd mention that I was not in any way previously aware of your keyword.

Just so you know.

I've had this nickname* since approximately nineteen-smumble. I can produce evidence. #truth #youMustBelieveAllHashtags

(* well... the part applicable to the video. The second part happened in 2001, and they didn't really get combined until ~2011, but that's another story.)