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Henna tattoo from #sha2017 practically gone. Nice timing so shortly after the boat. Thnx henna artist :)

Wonder what hackers do during one week camping during the day and playing with Tesla coils at night? A few selection of my photos from are available at:

Haven't unpacked all my bags from #sha2017 yet and am now heading to a house party to give a #chiptune gig with #ToSeBit . We got invited while I was away, after we played at the students bar 2 month ago. 🎈🎊🎉👍

Hackers on a boat cooking wih skipped noodles from #sha2017 #hoab

This is a shred of the disk that was holding the old #ccc member DBaseII database. I sunk it in the waters next to #sha2017

Went home with no shirt but memories of the finest people on this planet #allesallen #sha2017 Thank you travellers for providing shelter

#sha2017 was very nice although you do need a music place for the night and at least one freaking foodtruck. Also real #Tschunk

Außerdem haben die Finnen natürlich eine Sauna dabei #sha2017

Just arrived from #sha2017 and now I need to find a way to get all my @FFSuedpfalz people to #34c3 We need a freaking chaosspace.

Packed up my tent, #sha2017 is over for me but many volunteers are still working hard on teardown. I'm off to hackers on a boat. Amazing event

The one song everyone knows at #sha2017 campfire: still alive from portal