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Bien ya puedo rotar, trasladar, mezclar usando el canal alfa y usar shaders (nivel básico) para dibujar imágenes. 🙂

Aún me falta saber como transferir zonas (bitblt) y con esto último tendría (creo yo) lo necesario para empezar crear #juegos en 2D usando #OpenGL ... bueno no, el siguiente paso sería incorporar sonido. 😏 😥


How to make it HARDER for SMARTER people to learn things in tech the #samspublishing way:

1. Inflate size of book 4x beyond what's necessary
2. Fill book 2/3rds with pedantic, repetitious content beneath your target market
3. Tightly couple relevant and irrelevant information to prevent learning by skimming
4. Inflate the price of the book 2x-3x to match

And that is my entire thought process about going into the #OpenGL #RedBook


#gamedev #opengl Anyone wanna help me math good? Can't suss how to use glTranslate[...] to adapt to window resizing and keep a quad centered. I keep trying different math and grrrr

As the window gets wider, it drifts up/left; I've tried adding/subtracting texture center coord, multiplying/dividing by the x and y scale ratios relative to the original window size... result only gets worse :(

Another #LibreMonday!!

I think nobody mentioned RenderDoc yet 😱

RenderDoc is a graphics debugger for most common graphic APIs, like #OpenGL, #Vulkan and #DirectX.

It's a really cool project and it already helped saving so many hours chasing bugs that were really hard to find, so I definitely can recommend it!

hey mastodon
does anyone know how to disable #vsync for an #opengl render frame ? I'm trying to do a #VR #game engine but I get capped to 60fps :/