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So what are the (geo)political consequences of having widely distributed pieces of software like Tor, Signal and others being mostly funded by US Gov and the CIA (through RFA -> OTF)?..

These questions are asked openly in this article by Y. Lavine (to take with a grain of salt, like all the rest indeed...)


Ok, I'm sure it's not.

Now, I've tried to put them in the <head>, and it kind of works. But I can specify a correct dc.type because "text" or "document" isn't precise enough…

And I can't test my html served locally.

All this is very much frustrating, I think…

#zotero #metadata

Recommendations for the application of to aggregated #CulturalHeritage #metadata to increase relevance and visibility to #search engines: the case of #Europeana
#openglam #museum

Les des postées sur mastodon sont-elles automatiquement effacées avant publication ?

@lindseyb interesting feature! I was wondering if casual committers realize what they push as #metadata

Mention spéciale à Melting Pot Music pour offrir des fichiers WAV plutôt que MP3 avec l'achat d'un #vinyl. Des FLAC avec les #metadata serait encore mieux, mais c'est déjà bien cool.