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Que du bon ! par @aral
Et la France n'a aucune leçon à faire sur ce sujet... Où sont les "Lumières" ?!

Robin Doherty on why the AFP (intelligence in australia, not Agence France Presse) tried to identify Paul Farrell (journalist) sources although the law explicitly forbids it:

"Because they can"

In australia a vast amount of metadata is kept during two years and available to the AFP.

#sha2017 #masssurveillance

William Binney will bootstrap a start-up in Europe to advise governments on how to do effective surveillance while protecting privacy. Because, in his own words, "The US government is too dense to understand how to do it. Or maybe it's by design".

#sha2017 #masssurveillance is a pretty good resource for privacy and anti-surveillance related information. You can find a lot of useful tools there.

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