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I used to play #games. #Computergames, #boardgames, #roleplayinggames. All kinds of games, but I never seem to have time for it anymore. Ages ago I was even instrumental at a #LARP that shall remain nameless.

I #sing and play the #guitar. I used to be pretty good, but I don't practice as often as I should so now I'm only not bad.

I take a lot of pictures of the farm, but I wouldn't call myself a #photographer. It's easy to take good photographs when your subject is a beautiful landscape.

@cwicket Non, on est là. Tu peux en trouver plus en suivant les tags #jdr #tabletop #rpg #larp #gn .
Il y en a pas mal sur l'instance aussi.

:flag_gb: Lately, I have been watching this Korean #tv game show called "The Genius".
Each episode has celebrities taking part in a live action game focused on strategy, psychology and bluff.
It's a bit cheesy, but it's a great watch for anyone interested in #larp design, it shows well how a limited ruleset can bring great gameplay moments, strategic plays and thrilling treasons.