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How about a #PlatformCoop meetup in #Dublin, #Ireland?

I haven't had the time to organise one - but (i) I know there are plenty of people interested, (ii) I know some #PlatformCoops that would participate, (iii) I have a venue and (iv) I might have a sponsor...

What I don't have is time haha.

Any #Irish or #Ireland based peeps interested in organising this with me?

I also set up a meetup page months ago

Ní Saoirse go Saoirse na mBan
There is no freedom until the freedom of women

#gaeilge #irish

I'm starting to get the feeling that #socialcoop is reaching the stage where it might have enough #Irish members to justify a meet-up... :)

The #Irish language has a weird quirk where "black person" (ie of African decent) is "duine gorm", literally "blue person". What happened when a non-Irish speaking American tried to make a "Blue Lives Matter" t-shirt in Irish? 🙂 That's right, they accidentally make a "Black Lives Matter" shirt
thegeekygaeilgeoir.wordpress.c (which also details the horrible translation they did in other ways)

@cathal @Antanicus welcome Cathal! ;) great to see a fair few #irish peeps finding #socialcoop :)

The #Loomio team are doing a training session in Dublin, Ireland next week!

"Patterns of Decentralised Organisation"

Can everyone please give it a boost - so that we might get the #irish people on Mastodon to see it. :)


Allez, un peu d'entrain pour commencer la journée! #pouetRadio #irish
Dropkick Murphys - "Rose Tattoo"

Leo Varadkar, 38 years old, son of Indian immigrant, to be next but still incredibly right wing despite all of the above.

The Rumjacks est un groupe de musique australien dans un registre Irish folk et punk rock. Leur site officiel :

Regardez "The Rumjacks - Patron Saint O' Thieves (Official Music Video)" sur YouTube -

OK so all I need to do is find my Grandmother's birth certificate from Northern Ireland and I am able to get an #Irish passport.....

Actually proving to be a lot harder than it sounds.

The #CitizensAssembly was created for #Irish politicians to ignore #Ireland' appalling #abortion law (8th Amendment), and they just voted strongly in favour of a pretty pro-choice approach. It was sorta unthinkable ~10 yrs ago, and it's going to cause a massive headache to cowardly anti-choice Irish politicians #RepealThe8th #iepol

There's a Twitter thing highlight Irish PoC called #WeAreIrish Check it out!

Some bigots are complaining on the hashtag, but mostly they aren't #Irish.

(There's loads to say about race, and Irishness, and whiteness, and #Ireland still has *lots* of issues around race, but this is a nice thing)

"#WeAreIrish and proud, but online racism is exhausting". Creator of #WeAreIrish hashtag wrote about it in national newspaper, and about online racism, and #Irish PoC

I'm #Irish, I'm a big fan of #OpenStreetMap and other #OpenSource stuff. I'm growing less hapy with companies getting away with this. I love reading #SciFi, #history and #lgbtq #books. I also programme (mostly #python but lately #rust). Ask me about #maps.