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#Ireland #hurling: Waterford defeats Cork, will meet Galway for All-Ireland championship on Sept 3 This will conclude my non-political posting for today, I expect

#UK PM Theresa May to insist on a hard border between Northern #Ireland and the Republic, thought to endanger Irish peace process Ireland's Taoiseach (PM) expresses frustration w/ UK #brexit negotiation incompetence

54% of #Ireland's 18-34 age cohort say they would join a mass uprising against the gov't Such action would,of course, necessitate getting up off the couch

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The man with paint splashed over his face is Dublin-born Edward Carson, leader of British Loyalism at the tine of the Partition of #Ireland

The final picture is on the side of a small shop on the Falls Road in West #Belfast commemorating the #EasterRising of #1916, Dublin


#ireland delayed #upc referendum by a whole year. So more delays for the mythical #unitarypatent pipe dream.

There is a lot of little political stuff happening in #Ireland mentioned on birdsite, I haven't put it on #Mastodon yet. A part of me is sick and tired of it. A part of me doesn't want to turn this instance into a negative space all about negative politics.

But social media & birdsite is very important for challenging the Establishment (Ireland's too small for real independent press)!

Gah dilemma!