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Sérieux ?! Encore un épisode leaké. Par erreur cette fois ...

We asked people if they could tell which quote came from who - Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un or Game of Thrones! #GoT

Alors si je m'attendais à ça...

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I had to stay kinda off the grid all day 'cause I missed #GoT last night but I'm fine now..

@kaerhon I'll be there! Your #RPGChallenge followed by me watching #GoT to end my weekend sounds great!

Reconstructing Game of Throne's Dragon Battle with other movies:

And Behind the scenes of the Loot Train Attack:


My TL here is delightfully full of posts about Game of Thrones, and Good News Everyone!, #Kialo - a new discussion platform hoping to make online disc more reasonable - is hosting a competition ( with cash prizes of 25K!!! total)... so, now I wish I hadnt stopped watching maybe, but you all should get on that^^


"The Kialo Game of Thrones Tournament – Kialo"

♬ Petit Mashup de Nuit ♬

"Westerosi Rhapsody"
par Andrew Davenport
& Nathan Terry

Quand "Bohemian Rhapsody" de Queen rencontre/raconte "Game of Thrones"

/!\ attention contient des spoilers pour ceux qui n'ont pas regardé les saisons précédentes (<s7)