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If you like #federated networks like GNU Social, Mastodon,, remember that Evan Prodromou's birthday is next Saturday.

Last night I started daydreaming about what a #platformcoop #socialnetwork with "plugins" for coopified versions of services like ride and homesharing could look like...

I can't go to the platform coop conference, but are there folks who are trying to build a prototype? I was specifically thinking about how to blend federation with ease of use across tools. To me, a single account for many services feels ideal and convenient. Are there ways to do this on #federated systems?

#unifederate: When a site or service is theoretically #federated, but lacks any functioning peers with which to make theory into reality.

Creating a culture of "creating for the fediverse" instead of single plattform orientation. Show more

Hi #mastodon #w3c and #federated networks... developer testing this network...

Actually I'm starting to implement #activityPub in the release of my project (other social network). Let's see the potential of this...

So, I've pushed out my post about what a modern #distributed, #federated alternative to #Facebook would/should look like. It's only in outline form now, and could be fleshed out, but I wanted to publish it so people could comment here.

#Mastodon #fediverse #social #socialcommons #indieweb

@Antanicus @dajbelshaw @xj9 I did set up a redmatrix (hubzilla) server for a while actually but it never got the critical mass of people did it? wasn't it a few thousand max?.

#p2p internet will hopefully be developed alongside in parallel as the new framework to carry this content

Do I understand correctly in thinking #Mastodon can be a sliding scale between #federated to completely #decentralised (each person run their own instance from home)?

hello #fediverse #friday (#ff) I'm wondering what you're reason are using #federated #social networks? Also I'm wondering which plattforms your using? And which people you would advice to follow?
me using #friendica #hubzilla #gnusocial #mastodon #postActive
...but mainly gnu.
if we would enable crossposting this post on twitter while having here and on twitter the same names our cinversations would be visable here and on bird side. (bird side would shortn the text and link to gnu)
on twitter I'm using at the moment @paul_free14 !fediverse

It's time to make it easy (and low on resources) to install Mastodon so that this kind of shit doesn't happen any longer. #federated

After using #MastodonUI for 2+ weeks, I see new arrivals having the most trouble with the #federated #timeline. There is always at least one of the following:

1) What is the context? (I.e. Who am I seeing? Why?)

2) How do I filter out languages I can't read? (E.g. Why so much 'Japanese'?)

3) How to stop it? (Timeline moves too fast.)

Resulting impression? Federated timeline is useless.

Not true, of course, but these are clearly important #usability and #UX issues to address somehow.

With all these languages represented in the #federated feed, an auto-translation feature would be quite handy!

So Mastodon is not #distributed. It is #federated. Is it what we need right now?
"Decentralized protocols — true distributed social platforms — are very possible... If we’re going to allow ourselves to be driven off Twitter, let’s not be lazy about it. Let’s work together and build something no corporation can control, and no one accident — or calculated act of malice — can wipe out."
by Lexi Summer Hale (@velartrill)

I think it would be great if a ‘#pause button’ for the #federated #timeline can be created. You should be able to pause or slowdown the stream of toots.

@erdal Like @IndignantBastard says - a comprehensive search engine would be good. And yes, agreed. A #pause button for the #federated #timeline would be great. I've accidentally fav'd the wrong toots a few times.

just signed up for #akasha just playing around over there. so many #distributed / #federated / #decentralized social projects these days. one of them has to actually take off.