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The crawling tool is now working in standalone mode, gently finding new users to add to the 190k+ already in the database. Time to improve user interface and play with data.

First thing: statistics about the number of users in mastory compared to instance list by @TheKinrar : . Lot of missing users but I suspect they are mainly inactive/unlinked users.

Friendica Directory dustup
Tonight I spent a few hours getting #Friendica #Directory repository back in order. It included merging work from @Beanow, @Hauke Altmann and @Roland Häder into a coherent branch that soon will be merged to master, once the main page will have been turned from the current theme to the new theme thanks to Beanow.
I did a lot of bug-chasing to fix all the lingering PHP notices, standard enforcing and formatting, as well as fixing a long-standing issue when looking for American accounts. Unfortunately, the fix requires to increase the server setting of minimum word length MySQL is indexing in its fulltext index. But at least it works now on dir.friendica.socal.