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so what's with the fascists from #defendeurope and their ship #cstar ?
- they sailed to cyprus were parts of the crew asked for asyl and the captains of the cstar got arrested for people smuggling
-they chased a rescue ship of SOS Mediterranée
-they used the emergency channel 16 to tell the NGOs that they should stop helping and to leave the area
- tunesia fishermen prevented the cstar from landing in zarzis
- they had an engine failure but didn't want the help of NGOs
-they stopped for hours, are now driving very weirdly and slowly (right now they are sailing in triangles)
I probobably forgot a lot. There are lots of jokes about them but we shouldn't forget that they are dangerous fascists on the mission to kill people

Enough is Enough: *Fascist Trolls Want to #DefendEurope With Substandard #Cstar Ship*

"The Cstar, which aimes to disrupt the work of search-and-rescue (SAR) ships saving refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, has sent out a distress signal due to “technical difficulties” earlier today. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC…"


Le feuilleton des boulets du est probablement la série de l'été la plus divertissante.

La bateau anti-migrants #Cstar a lancé un SOS.
Le bateau de sauvetage des migrants #SeaEye se déroute vers lui pour porter secours.


Enough is Enough! : *#Tunesia: Fischermen Prevent #Cstar From Docking in #Zarzis*

"Local fischermen from Zarzis, Tunesia prevented the Cstar from far-right activists from docking in Zarzis. Image: Fischermen in Zarzis, Tunesia. Image by Twitter account @Giu_Bertoluzzi. Published by Enough is Enough Yesterday we published a press relea…"


Mobilisation antiraciste en Tunisie : le C-Star (DEFEND EUROPE) renonce à faire escale à Zarzis ! - La Horde

Notre camarade Yannis Youlountas continue de relayer chaque étape de la lutte en cours autour du bassin Méditerranée pour mettre un terme à la croisière raciste du C-Star et des Identitaires :

Pikant: österreichischer Nazi Fickfrosch Martin #Sellner (Idiotäre Bewegung) betätigte sich offenbar als Menschenschmuggler von zwanzig Leuten aus Sri Lanka auf seinem Blockwartdampfer #CStar

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