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it's #introductions time! I am 30, she/they, UK, partner & cohabitant of @paralithode. Newly diagnosed #ADHD, #mentalhealth struggles. I was almost a graphic designer. I used to draw things, sometimes even short #comics , & may do again. I'm not really sure who I am anymore but am learning & exploring! I am getting more #anticapitalist by the day & trying to be less problematic. I pontificate, talk a lot of crap & #write longer passages at

Hi, a hint from my side. A excellent reference for composition and poses are professional comics :)

Here a link to a good site with links

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Fanart I did Friday of Hadrian from Anne Szabla's comic "Banquet"! Banquet and Bird Boy have some wonderful character designs, and fluffy Hell beasts are a particular favorite. Read her comic here!
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I've really been enjoying the #LionForge #CatalystPrime books. Noble/Superb have been my favorite, but I'm really excited to see where Incidentals goes. If you're into superhero #comics, you need to check out Catalyst Prime.

As long as I'm posting about comics, this week's Shipwreck cover art is a thing you witches might like: #comics

Shipwreck is a quasi-surreal account of a dude's experience stranded in another, more hostile, world. It is "very Warren Ellis" but also an enjoyable read.

!comics Empezando a leer "Bone", del minucioso Jeff Smith. ¡Qué preciosidad de cómic para toda la familia! Tierno, simpático, original, rompedor... Para daros vidilla.

A Q&A with activist, artist, and writer Kate Evans on her new graphic novel Threads from the Refugee Crisis.

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