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@bob @Cocoron both of you should watch the #Chomsky #video I posted today – he has no problem with pissing off certain elements of the Left, I have always loved him for this.

#Chomsky: ‘If you criticize policy, you are anti-American. That only happens in dictatorships’
Noam #Chomsky on (some of) the negative effects of social media and Internet:

Noam #Chomsky #Video
Talks at Google / 5 June 2017
'In this talk from Google Cambridge in May of 2017 Professor Chomsky discusses wide ranging topics from the development of his personal political views to the control of information and media...'

Washington au-dessus du droit international. L'Amérique, «État voyou», par Noam (accès libre)

Whenver I hear #Noam #Chomsky speak I feel calm, like if I were listening to my grandfather telling me a good story