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I'm going to follow my "Bildungsauftrag" ( translates to some thing like obligation to teach...more or less) and show a friend of mine Star Wars Episode IV. Be the force with you tootlings. Also a picture from yesterday evening #chiptune

Fin de journée, on prépare pour demain et on ferme ! ...avec un peu de musique :

"We Can Do It!"

🎵🎶Hop, j'associe mes fichiers .sndh à Jam player. 🎶🎵
Des heures de 💘

Et au passage, j'apprends que a officiellement gagné la bataille contre depuis 2006

Tiens, tu kiff le chiptune et les trucs qui sortent des demoscenes ?
Voilà un player qui en crachote :
Sinon, le lien direct (sans le player) :

Haven't unpacked all my bags from #sha2017 yet and am now heading to a house party to give a #chiptune gig with #ToSeBit . We got invited while I was away, after we played at the students bar 2 month ago. 🎈🎊🎉👍

Dear tootlings. Last summer I got my first Nanoloop #chiptune cartridge. On 33c3 I played my first super secret toiletparty gig for about 20 minutes and 20 people because I just had like 2,5 loops ready. This year we had our first official concert at the students bar/club with around 130 guests. Now I got a mail and will be playing as a warmup for 60-90 minutes at #sha2017 for all the lovely nerds. I have 2 days left to make a playlist and finetune the #loops

Next month when there is some money left I'll print these #tosebit #chiptune I wanted to have them for #sha2017 but my budget is tight. All handmade in MS Paint #rip

It took me a while but here is the first and only part that got recorded from our very first #chiptune gig. The fading is - bumpy - because we were not synced, we had no setlist and it was our first live performance ever. We used 2 Game Boy DMGs (aka the old ones) with Nanoloop 1.7 and 2 Nintendo DS with Nanoloop 2.7.
PW: sha2017
Tonight I asked the lounge coordinator from #SHA2017 if I might get an hour to perform live. Let's see.

One of my favorite #chiptune artists has re-released his material on Bandcamp:

All original hardware (save for the Sinclair models which have the external AY cart, but really, why wouldn't you?)


Ui alors écouter une version chiptune de "The Crystal Gems" au boulot c'est pas forcément la meilleure idée, me voilà en train de me dandiner sur mon siège. J'essaie de rester discrète, c'est pas facile.

#StevenUniverse #chiptune #musique #music #pouetRadio

#chiptune Here's a cover I re-adjusted in the last days. I remade Super Mario Land 2's Star Maze music in LSDJ. Forgive the bad intro (actualy it's better than the previous one) and the repetitiveness (I ain't a composer, sorry).

18 Uhr #Sebit #chiptune auf der Künstlerwiese, beim Festival contre le racisme. Kommt vorbei

#NP Your Heart is a Pie Chart - Roboctopus

Happy #chiptune, happy tunes. (I also just got the album mailed to me today. Right from Japan, looks like.)

looking for musical artists with free work who don't mind their work being reused, for my tiny videogames. (credit given ofc, no profit on my end, though if i ever open any for donations i would give a share as well!)

either yourself or your fav artists, cute #ambient or #chiptune especially. just found the #ccmusic tag so will be lookin thru that as well.
#mastomusic #music <3